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Hello all you wonderful people!

My name is Anne Mychal (last name hidden in fear of aliens and stranger-danger), though I go by Lilac mostly!

I am a waitress and aerial fitness instructor by day, and a RP-enthusiast and closeted writer by night!

My writing style and preferences
• I consider myself fairly literate. I am not a Native English speaker, so odd choices of words or minor grammatical errors can occur. Please do not hesitate to correct me, if I do slip up. It only makes my English better.
• While I do prefer English when roleplaying, I don't mind roleplaying in Danish (my Native language) or German (my third/second foreign language)
• I write in third person and past tense. I don't mind my partners writing present tense, but I prefer you to not write in first person.
• I write multiple paragraphs per reply, but am also a believer in quality over quantity. If you don't feel like using four paragraphs to describe the texture of a half-frozen Snickers, then you don't have to! :P
• I am a sucker for Low-Magic Medieval settings and Wild West settings (I blame the latter on Juls and her amazing characters!)
• I am comfortable with adult content, but will sometimes have to draw a line, if I feel like we deviate from the plot. I am completely understanding if you wish to do the same!


Rave Reviews

Esme Black-Wilkerson is a character that I really love to hate. With strong motivations and a no-nonsense attitude, this lady doesn't put up with anything that displeases her. She has a knack for getting her way, no matter what it costs, as long as she's not the one to pay the price. If you decide to cross her, it might be best prepare your own food and drink for a while just to be sure no arsenic finds its way there. She's a force to be reckoned with and a fantastic adversary! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Juls
Is there a way that I can put how great they are into words? We're going on two years now and have just started our second roleplay together. There's so many wonderful things I can say about LittleLilac's writing, characters, friendship. They're a fantastic RPer, and an even more incredible person. I'm always excited to see what they've written, and I'm definitely ready for all of the great stuff to come. :) - DeliriumAngel

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