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Hi I'm Maji! They/Them pronouns please :)

I can be very shy when it comes to RP. You will probably have to nag and I'm sorry.

I literally have no idea what to write about myself. I'm pretty alright for a human.

I am 100% antidrama. If you think people would put you into the category of dramatic.... Probably just don't bother. Furc and RP is just about fun for me, don't make it complicated. I have a full time job, chronic illness and IRL life stuff to worry about, so I just don't have the energy for bullshit.

I do art sometimes!

My FA!

🖤Go visit my incredibly talented best friend Blair! 🖤

🖤 Check out my bff Margo's work. They are also insanely talented!🖤

Rena is my wife! 🖤

Majighoul's Characters

Majighoul either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

She is one of the sweetest people I have ever happened upon. She's strong willed and intelligent and I am so happy to know her. I so look forward to geting to know her better. <3 - C-S-Neptune
Des is a super cool lady. She's extremely chill and makes the most stunning characters! To top that off, her art is beautiful. Watching her branch out into new things is a genuine treat, and I'm always happy to get the chance to peep her work. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Auberon

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    Maji is an incredibly talented, insanely cool person; I love every character they bring to life and watching them pour their passion into their art has been a joy. I consider myself very lucky to have shared a friendship with them for as long as we have. Kind and understanding Creative ideas
    (About 1 month 3 days ago)