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Hi I'm Mercy come on in!

Female, Demigirl, pronouns she/they.

Home is where your heart is. 🌺 (and about two handfuls of others not mentioned ♥️)

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~~ Please don't send me a friend request if we haven't spoken before ~~


This Months RP Response Time:

Very consistent, if not more than normal. I am taking August off work to do some relaxing and focus on fun stuff, this includes RP.


You can read my About Me, RP Rules/Preferences, and RP/Frequency Schedule here:


Rave Reviews

While we did not finish our roleplays together, she made sure I always had enough to work with and enjoyed the story. I would love to play with her again. - Animewithin
MercyInReach is, first of all, an excellent writer. I know this from reading an excerpt of her novel once and from our occasional OOC conversations. Very talented. As for OOC, MercyInReach is one of those people who I may not talk to often, but if I hear something's up, I get concerned and wanna make sure she's okay. She and Sanne took an interest in sort of defending me one time, so I consider her a friend. We haven't RP'd, but I know she's good! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Abigail_Austin

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