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Well i guess you can all pretty much guess but i'll say it anyways.

I like gore, especially if it envolves decomposition of flesh or even plants and fungi;

I do NOT do NSFW rps of any kind. I do accept romance but even suggestive can drive me off hand;

I'm Brazilian;

I'm bisextual!;

My fandoms are BFB, Sonic, Undertale/Deltarune, MLP(kinda) Furry fandom (The healthy side), Minecraft, Kirby, Omori;

I draw sometimes and i'm mostly active on my Twitter, Tumblr, DeviantArt and Instagram accounts. If you like my art and want me to draw something for you, don't be afraid to ask me anytime!;

I have this problem where i like to make fanchildren of a lot of my ocs with characters i like.. Yes it is stupid but i'm addicted to it.;

And yea i think that's it.

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