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Hi everyone I'm Optimusprimal99
my name is "Krystian Ham and i love to rollplay, it was like almost 13 months since a friend of mine inspired me to Rps and here i am there's not much to say at the moment but if interested pm me, i like :

Transformers: g1, beast wars, armada, and prime. Siege 2020 or better known as War for Cybertron Netflix series.

Tv series:
Buffy the vampire slayer.
Supernatural i'm a fan since September 13 2005

The ryan chronicles a story made by me,

anime manga like:
elfen lied,
Akame Ga Kill
Neon Genesis Evangelion,
Dragon ball: Z, GT, Super,
7 Deadly sins,
My Hero Academia,

Video games RP :
Super Mario Bros
Mega Man & X,
Sonic: all types,
God of War,
Street Fighter,
Scott Pilgrim vs The World,


Life or live action Super hero
movies like:

Science fiction movies:

Coming soon.....

That's my list for now i'll edited more later.
Thank you.

"I do not own the rights to this videos and they belong to their original owners. and if they ever want for me to take them off i would so."

Este es traducido de latin a español.

Rave Reviews

Optimusprimal99 and I have been doing a Loki rp together and he makes Loki really cool. He's even being mischievous like Loki would be. I'm glad that he answered my RP, thank you so much. - Dark_Cupid
By far the best thing about roleplaying with newbies is that you can easily spot talent no matter how much they write. Optimus here is an incredibly enthusiastic, creative and reliable dude, who certainly has a lot of potential of becoming even more fun than he already is. He's a quick learner and his characters and stories are appealing in their own way. Do hit him up and have a slice of coolness for yourself! Cheers, good chum! - GarnaalProductions

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