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Full OC list in case I feel like rotating:

PK/Liam - He/They/It - Hi I Like Drawing

I've been on/off rping for a good while now? A few years, though with a lot of breaks, lmao.

I do my best to reply timely, though if I haven't replied in awhile, I don't mind reminders (in fact they are welcome, my memory isn't too good and I don't want to ghost if I can help it). I also try to be multi-paragraph-ish if I can help it, and I do my best to maintain the same size as a partner, unless I'm not able to add too much. Also prefer if one-liners are avoided, but I understand if there isn't too much to add (depends on context)

Preferred genres are adventure and action fantasy/sci-fi, but uhhh I'm usually good with alot!

Interests (Those in Bold I am willing to RP):
Pokemon, Furries, Arknights,, Touhou Project, Ori and the Blind Forest, DnD

Animals, cheese, music, Furbies, bideo bames (Nintendo games, especially), illustration, character design, world-building (in theory), literature analysis, computer science, and glitches

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