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They/Them | Aromantic-Asexual | Agender-Neutrois | UK
Riik | Xá'Taren | Kiro | Flynn

Sending Me Messages
If you reply to any of my LfRP threads or send me a PM with something like "hi" or "hello" or anything unhelpful to discussing an RP with no other text, YOU WILL BE IGNORED. I'm not good at social stuff and don't really know how to handle those sorts of replies, so I've decide I'm just going to pretend they don't exist. If you want to be sure that I respond to your reply, at the very least express interest, but also try to put forth things such as characters you might want to use and if the prompt has multiple options, which options you want.

I do not RP without first discussing said RP. I don't like jumping in blind. So please don't send me starter posts when we haven't discussed RPing yet.

Sending Me Friends Requests
If we are already RPing: I will accept and reciprocate friends requests.

If we have spoken for a long time OOC or are about to start an RP: I will accept and reciprocate friends requests.

If we are RPing and you have been playing anonymously, but wish to friend me anyway: Please message me stating as much if you want me to accept. I will reciprocate. I know there might be privacy issues involved, but if I don't know who you are, I am likely to decline you. Please don't take it personally if that happens.

If you want to add me to your activity feed or have a similar utility reason to friend me: Please message me stating as much. I will likely accept, but not reciprocate.

If none of the above apply: I will likely decline you. I am shy and reserved and am more comfortable doing as much. Please don't take it personally. I will probably feel guilty about doing it though...

Three strikes and you're out! If I have to reject a friends request from you 3 times in succession, I will block you. You have been warned.

Note: If I decline you even though you fit into a category where I shouldn't, it might be because I don't remember you. So if it's been a while since we've interacted (ESPECIALLY if it's been through a group RP) or you've drastically changed your RPR identity since, it might help to drop a message first.

Note 2: I will be a lot pickier if you are under 16. I am well over 18 and it would just feel uncomfortable without a very good reason.

If one of my characters catches your eye and you want to RP, feel free to ask!

Other Information:


I am over 18. My exact age will be given if and when it is necessary to do so. For now, I'll go as far as to say that I'm a '90s-born millennial (So yes, I am over 25).

I do multi-paragraph RP. 2 paragraph minimum (except on rare occasions), but at times I can post a lot more.

I do not typically do romance. And when I do, it's asexual enby x enby romance.

Best times to catch me online:

GMT 10:00 -> 01:00
EST 06:00 -> 21:00
PST 03:00 -> 18:00
AEST 20:00 -> 11:00

Note: Depending on circumstance, the above times may differ greatly from actuality. Those are just the most likely times.

Note 2: On-site RP only. I will not do RPs hosted on other sites/services.

RP Stats:

Current Activity Level:
Fairly Decent (Most replies will be made within a handful of days. In some cases, even multiple times per day.)

Join Date: 2014

Active: 9
Stalled: 0
Past: 173

More Details

Oldest still-active RP start date: 17/May/2019

RPs as Riik: 27
RPs as Kiro: 17
RPs as Xá'Taren: 10
RPs as Button: 1
RPs as Byxi: 1
RPs as Ch-tkt: 2 (1 active)
RPs as Cysgod: 7
RPs as Deril: 11
RPs as Elliot: 2
RPs as Eltrinander: 1
RPs as Floof: 3 (1 active)
RPs as Flynn: 6 (1 active)
RPs as Gentle-Heart: 3
RPs as The Glaivesinger: 3
RPs as Hóng: 2
RPs as Ixon: 4 (1 active)
RPs as Kt-tk: 4
RPs as Kyricx: 5
RPs as Kys'Jarok: 4
RPs as Mickel: 2
RPs as Nil: 3
RPs as Pela: 5
RPs as Ryzira: 1
RPs as Seren: 2
RPs as Solas: 5
RPs as Spectremon: 4 (2 active)
Rps as Starlit-Wisdom: 5
Rps as Sylyntz: 3
RPs as Tetsuji: 3
RPs as T'joa: 4
RPs as Tym: 7
RPs as Vildryn: 6 (1 active)
RPs as Yll'r: 2
RPs as Zyxarekti: 2

RPs as the crew of the Avant-garde: 2
RPs as Pokémon OCs: 6 (1 active)
RPs as Star Wars OCs: 5
RPs as misc ensembles of characters: 1 (1 active)
RPs as minor characters: 7

(Only counts RPs taking place on the RPR site)

Favourite Songs

- Untouchable by Anathema

- Wide Open by The Chemical Brothers (ft. Beck)

- You Will Be Okay by Sam Haft

- Saltwater by Chicane

- Compliance by Muse

- Touch-Tone Telephone by Lemon Demon

- Speed of flow by THE RODEO CARBURETTOR

- Hajimari no hi by Suga Shikao (feat. Mummy-D)

- Masquerade of Piety (originally by Vicious Crusade) by Nightside Glance

- Erased by Paradise Lost

Favourite Sci-Fi TV Series

- Outlaw Star

- The Expanse

- Doctor Who

- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

- Red Dwarf

- Battlestar Galactica (2003)

- Firefly

- Dark Matter

- Farscape

- Killjoys

Books & Comics I Am Reading

- Mort

- Sourcerer

- Star Wars: The Approaching Storm

- Star Wars: Outbound Flight

- Equal Rites

- Star Wars: Rogue Planet

- Star Wars: Maul: Lockdown

- The Light Fantastic

- Farscape Omnibus Vol. 1

- The Edge Chronicles: The Immortals

Favourite Book Series

- Star Wars Legends (Various authors)

- The Enchanted Forest Chronicles (Patricia C. Wrede)

- The Edge Chronicles (Paul Stewart & Chris Riddel)

- The Dancers at the End of Time (Michael Moorcock)

- The Old Kingdom Series (Garth Nix)

- Discworld (Terry Pratchett)

Roleplaying Game Streams I watch

- Acquisitions Incorporated (Penny Arcade) [D&D 4E/5E]

- Critical Role [D&D 5E]

- High Rollers (Yogscast) [D&D 5E]

- Nights of Eveningstar (Dungeons & Dragons) [D&D 5E]

- Oxventure (Outside Xbox) [D&D 5E]

Games I'm Currently Playing

- V Rising

- Picross S2

- Wreckfest

- Garry's Mod

- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

- Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation

- Neverwinter Nights

- Ring Fit Adventure

- GRID Autosport

- Mini Motorways

Games that Defined My Childhood

- Sid Meier's Civilization

- Total Drivin

- Formula 1 98

- Pax Imperia Eminent Domain

- Star Wars: TIE Fighter

- Command & Conquer

- Final Fantasy VIII/IX

- Hogs of War

- Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn

- Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance

- Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun

- Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

- Neverwinter Nights

- Freelancer

- Neverwinter Nights 2

Stuff that's made me cry

I've attempted to list this in chronological order. Older stuff might be added later as I remember it.

Shows (Including D&D Livestreams)

- Doctor Who (Various)

- Farscape (Sad)

- Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (Sad)

- Ashes to Ashes (Sympathy, Bittersweetness)

- Tegami Bachi (Sad)

- Gintama (Sad, Happy, Laughter)

- Battlestar Galactica (Shock)

- Gravity Falls (General feels)

- Fringe (Sad)

- Watership Down (2018) (All the feels)

- Critical Role (Sad, Reflective)

- Nightflyers (idk)

- Star Trek: Discovery (Sad)

- High Rollers (D&D) (Sad)

- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Sad)

- Dr. STONE (Many, many emotions)

- The Seven Deadly Sins (Sad, Relieved, Happy)

- My Hero Academia (Lots of feels)

- Futurama (Two words: Jurassic Bark)

- Star Trek: Picard (Sad)

- The Midnight Gospel (Damn, that 8th episode...)

- Wakfu (sad, joy, just plain awesomeness)

- Lucifer (Sad, relieved)

- Hunter x Hunter (Sad)

- Centaurworld (Sad, Happy)

- The Legend of Vox Machina (Sad)

- Digimon Adventure 02 (Sad)

- Demon Slayer (Sad)

- The Sandman (Sad, I guess?)

- Exandria Unlimited: Calamity (Many emotions)


- The Fox and the Hound (Sad)

- Toy Story 3 (Sad)

- Watership Down (1978) (Sad)

- Logan (Sad)

- Avengers: Infinity War (Sad)

- Blade Runner 2049 (So many feels)

- Avengers: Endgame (All the feels)

- Cats (1998) (Sympathy, Happy I guess?)

- Don't Look Up (Sad)


- This Is Football (Frustration)

- Creatures 3 (Sad)

- Final Fantasy IX (Sad due to losing a save game due to accidental overwrite)

- Antichamber (Reflective)

- Undertale (Sad, Happy, Reflective)

- Ori and the Blind Forest (Sad)

- Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (reflective, sad)

- Deltarune (Happy, Reflective)

- The Elder Scrolls Online - Murkmire (Sorta sad-happy-reflective)

- Hollow Knight (Sad)

- Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Biggest of all feels)

- Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX (Sad and then happy)

- Deemo (that darned ending...)

My current piano practice rotation

- Ludwig van Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (1st Movement)

- Erik Satie's First Gymnopédie

- Frédéric Chopin's Prelude in E Minor

- Felix Mendelssohn's Venetian Boat Song (Op. 19, No. 6)

- Nobuo Uematsu's To Zanarkand (Piano Collections ver.)

- Gareth Coker's Ori and the Blind Forest Theme

- Christopher Larkin's Hollow Knight

- Yoko Shimomura's Dearly Beloved (Piano Collections ver.)

- Riik's Arctic Fox


- Ludwig van Beethoven's Sonata Pathétique (2nd Movement)

- Riik's Forest's Blessing

Rave Reviews

After knowing Riik for ages, I finally got the chance to RP with them just this year, and if you have the chance I say start that Riik RP! Riik works hard to make sure their characters are flexible and can adapt to fit wherever the story is going, finds new ways to get old faces into the mix, and keeps things moving at a brisk and engaging clip. They've also been extremely understanding about my very constraining schedule. Kind and understanding Helpful - Kim
Riik here is a wonderfully fascinating world builder. Their attention to detail and plot makes me feel excited to be part of their world and I'm really looking forward to see where our adventures take us! Plus Riik is an incredibly talented music composer and it's been a pleasure to read their lyrics for their songs! That earns them extra kudos me thinks. Also Pela just plain rocks. Best character ever. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Anonymous

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