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Hey there! It's 2021 and I've finally got a bio section on here. Hah. This is short because I'm hanging out by the food, but this is my profile, I guess. Here's the character section. There's my profile picture, yes, it's the standard one. I'm learning a few different languages (partly so I can swear and curse in them, which is fun), just to dabble mostly, you know? That takes up some of my time, especially since the most important part of research is listening to music and watching TV. Oh no! :P

Hehe. Anyway, later I'll probably edit this more thoroughly, but for now - thanks to fiesch for the White Lily, thanks to Zelphyr for the Yellow Rose, and thanks to JoJoApples for the Stargazer Lily. <3 You guys are lovely.

I love books, anime, and lore from DnD. I have a lot of interests but, probably, they're none of your business. ~ :) ~ 🐍 🐰 🕊️ 🐈 🐶 ~ Bye for now!

Rave Reviews

I should have given this to her when we first started our rp,anyway,she is an awesome writer,very detailed,and she has a great sense of humor. I absolutely love her ocs in the Undertale rp we are doing,their full of personality and they are very interesting characters. Keep up the good work. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - JetStorm
Shiny is an absolute sweetheart. They are so nice and friendly. Receiving a message from them always makes me smile. Even if we have never roleplayed before (hope we do in the future), just simply chatting with them already makes me happy. Always stay awesome, my friend! Lotz and lotz of love! ❤ Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - HibariHaru013

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