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My name is Trish Shields and I am an artist.
I am bigendered, but I prefer he/him pronouns.

I am an adult who only socializes and RP's with other adults. Please do not contact me if you're not at least 18 years old. All of my characters are adult in nature and contain NSFW content.

I am an illustrator, graphic designer and writer living (surviving..?) in the States. INTJ-T pretty much sums up how I am accurately. I keep myself busy at almost all moments of me being awake.

Once upon a time I RPed a lot. Now I pretty much just play Overwatch and write storylines and fantasize about RP plots that don't happen, WOOHOO!

I also draw. And Art. A lot.

Art wise I will and can do just about anything involving graphics. My various websites are located below.
Commission Me!
Tumblr (RIP tumblr)

PS: if we haven't spoken before, like on Furcadia, or somewhere else, please don't randomly add me here on RPR. If I don't know you, I'm not friending you. I'm easily creeped out, sorry!

Additionally, I'm not interested in Roleplay that isn't on furcadia. I'm only adding this here because I get a lot of random requests for forum or private chat RP, and I'm sad to have to constantly be turning people down because I'm not interested, but that interest is always very flattering, so thank you.

A word of caution:
I report art thieves. I will report you if I see you doing this, without warning or contact. Do not interact with me if you're using art you do not personally own or have permission to use.

Rave Reviews

While the player herself is awesome, it is only expected her characters are as well. The way she makes up story lines and ideas to the way she portrays her creations is nothing short of amazing. Her characters are always solid and she keeps them in all their temperaments and quirks perfectly. She may have badass characters too, but she never godmods and is a pretty darn good friend too. - Merenrave
It's hard to come across someone who is just as blunt as I am, however Muddy does it so naturally that it's refreshing to even just chat with her. She's got a crude sense of humour but to those she considers friends she's sweet and caring, ready to defend them at a moment's notice. She also has a wide diversity of characters that's often unusual amongst the menagerie of cat girls that have blighted many places. - Coheed

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