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Hi! My name is Amaris, I'm a Latina and my first language is Spanish, So if you see me typing in errors, you know why.

I've been role-playing since I was 12 years old, and I've been writing since I was little, this has been my hobby for a long time and I enjoy doing it. So if you are interested in role-playing with any of my characters, you can talk to me.
I feel more comfortable role-playing with female characters, but I can role-role also men, or non-binary people, so if you see that all my characters are female, that's why, although I will try to go switching.

My time zone is UTC-3

How I role-play
  • *Actions, feelings, etc between asterisks*
  • Dialogue, with nothing.
  • 2-5 paragraphs normally. If the situation requires it, I write more.

*There was something unsettling about the dead animal touched by the magic. Most people noticed the smell first: not the stench of putrefaction, but a suffocating sweetness on their noses, a strong taste on their tongues. Few also perceived a chill in the air. A floating aura on the corpse's skin. As if the magic itself was still somehow present, watching and waiting.

That sweet smell had been impregnated in Taika's nostrils before leaving her home. The night before, together with her coven, she had had a important festivitie where the victim had been a pig offered as a sacrifice to her goddess. This ritual was done once a month, and along with her coven, the blonde had participated in all of them.

Gandalf, her 13-year-old brother was walking with her to the school. Recently, he had advanced up a level in the coven, and was a little scared to witness the first live sacrifice, and to see the whole process of dismemberment. He was still a bit in shock, so the blonde hugged him by the shoulder and walked beside him, trying to give him some kind of comfort. Taika remembered her first day in one of those rituals, she was the same age as her brother now, and she was the same or even more shocked by that situation.

When she got to school, her brother took her arm out and walked away from her. The blonde just sighed heavily as she watched him walk away from her, he still had to recover from all that, although she also understood that he was at the age that he did not want to be seen with his older sister. And although they were very close within their home, outside the child was too far away from her.

Taika ignored that, and took the pentacle amulet around her neck that she always wore as protection, and put it in her pocket. It would protect her to a lesser extent, but she couldn't allow herself to be seen using it, she had to hide and raise the least amount of suspicion possible.

She entered the building, and started walking to start her day. Another day where she would hide, as she had been doing since she was born. What's the worst that could happen to her?*

My favorite genres to role-play
  • Fantasy.
  • Horror.
  • Modern things.
  • Dystopia.
I like to role-play everything, and I like to challenge myself in things that I have never done before. But if the role has any of those things, my heart is complete.

Facts about me
  • She/they/he.
  • Lesbian.
  • INFJ.
  • 2w3.
  • Argentinian.
  • Daughter of Apollo.
  • Ravenclaw.
  • Theatre kid.
  • Omnist pagan.
  • Chaos witch.
  • Polytheic Hellenism Student.
  • Social Work Student.

My favorites
  • Book: The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman.
  • Favorite musical: Heathers.
  • Favorite movie: The Greatest Showman.
  • Favorite TV show: Las chicas del cable.
  • Characters: Zoë Belladona, Bianca Di Angelo, Nico Di Angelo, Will Solace, Leo Valdez (Percy Jackson). Luna Lovegood, Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter). Marga (Las Chicas del Cable).

My personality summed up in a playlist

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Amaris is just an amazing person and writer. She leaves me speechless from how amazing and detailed she can write. Her talent in making her characters are fabulous as she makes the OC come to life and actually feel real at times. Amaris is also kind and sweet, just a good person to be around! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Mainon
She has been an amazing writer to work with. I really enjoy her responses and the ideas she comes with are remarkable! RPing with her has been a wonderful experience and I recommend RPing with her if you have the chance! Creative ideas Long posts - EvanlynDestiny

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