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I've realized that my life has become too busy to be able to keep up with things here. With school and work starting at the end of the month and the trips I've been taking already, there hasn't been much time for me to be active. I've enjoyed my time here, and I wish everyone the best. I may come back, I may not. Only time will tell-

For now, though, it's farewell. My profile will be up for another week or so, but after today, I won't be replying to forum threads or private messages.

It's been a good run-

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Charlotte Wave

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  • He has a variety of characters that he plays well. My most experience is with Venkata and he plays him great. He writes well, keeps things interesting and gives each of his OC's an individual voice. I enjoy RPing with him and would recommend others to give him a chance as well!
    -- YokoSama
  • A great writer, and a funny guy who is a lot of fun to be around. A real smile-inducer for sure! One of my oldest friends, too :) Be sure to befriend this dude, it's definitely worth it.
    -- Tyvesian

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