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Delaware East Asylum Trinity Hospital

18+ Group, Haunted Asylum, Urban Myths, Urban Legends, Horror,
Supernatural Elements, and Teen Horror (Dover High School Class of 1870).
Time Period: 1870's


In memory of Marie.
Seven years with you on this Earth was just not enough.
Rest in Peace my love.
I miss you, I love you.


Hello, I'm Danny! If you would like to write with me, please send me a private message with a list of things you would like to write and I will see what I can do. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing with people online for many years and enjoy a good story! I have been a member of the RPR community since September of 2018 and enjoy the wonderful website that Kim and her staff have brought into creation, and monitor for it's continued success.


I enjoy romance stories, slice of life, comedy, fantasy, science fiction and a good writing partner to share the story with! I am a verified adult and prefer to write with adults. I've met a lot of great people to write with in the RPR community.


I am willing to make custom characters for your stories if you wish. I have lots of character slots available! I promise I will do my best to be a good writing partner!


Rave Reviews

An incredible and creative writer, Danmanmun commits to his character fully and develops a fully immersive story that will grab you by the heart and keep you feeling whether you like it or not. Cannot recommend this author enough. - Selkieborn
Nathan Noble (played by -Danny-)
Well Nathan is just like one of those Russian dolls. His disability makes him a very special character (and underlines how talented his writer is), but what's even more interesting about him is the way his story has many, many layers that you can slowly discover through rp. There are so many stories to be told that you could rp with him forever and there would still be mysteries to be uncovered! I feel really lucky to write with him, if you can definitely start a play with this Irish lad! Creative ideas Long posts - Nox_et_Aurum

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