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I won't accept random friend requests from people I don't know and have not talked with first.

Hi, I'm Knight. Nice to meet you. ^_^

Please be aware I have autism and I am not the best at phrasing my words. I can be a literal minded thinker and I mean what I say. So it would be a huge favor to me if you take things at face value with me rather than rely on you're "assumptions" that are all too often wrong. It never hurts to ask me to re-phrase something. I really am trying my best here. 💪

This is not an exaggeration, I literally live in a world that does not understand me because of how differently I think, feel and act from other people. So, please, I would greatly appreciate you're acceptance and understanding. Here are 50 great tips on how to do that. ^_^

I also thrive on rules because it creates safety, sameness and familiarity. So when I see a rule to keep, I keep it to the very letter! So please bear that in mind when dealing with me, as well as what I will say if you scroll further down. For more information about how autistic people relate to rules, go here.

♞ My personality matches that of a Defender on the Turbulent side of things since I'm a good listener. So if you need someone to listen to, I'm more than willing. As a Defender, my role is a Sentinel.

♞ I try my best to respect others, all I ask is the same in return. I'm not perfect, no one is.

♞ I love spreading light, cheer and happiness around. But now-a-days, I will only do so with my friends because it isn't worth interacting here on the forums at large anymore.

♞ I have an odd sense of humor that is either hit or miss. Please forgive me. I'm not always great with my sense of humor. I just love getting people to laugh, that's all.

♞ I'm overly cautious by nature because I have a policy that I live by: Its better safe than sorry. And sometimes I'll apologize for things even if I don't need to. Unfortunately, this has offended some people. I have no idea why. But I guess my best isn't good enough for some.

♞ I'm like a turtle. I'm shy so I will hide in my shell where its safe. I'll only come out if I'm feeling more confident. 🐢

♞ I like to read comics (or just read in general), I love anything nerdy, I like to draw (but haven't lately, so I am very rusty), I'm a gamer (but I've been taking a break from that lately), I like watching movies and I like taking walks.

♞ I'm fascinated with Archeology, ancient cities and artifacts. Its really interesting how people lived back then, what they ate, wore and viewed the world.

♞ I'm not really into one kind of music. So long as it doesn't sound like Rock'n'Roll and Heavy Metal, then I'm into most types. I don't have a favorite band, either. I like some of Shania Twain's early work, I love most of Lucy Thomas' work, Celine Dion and Enya. I also like Christian music and singers, but not all.

♞ I like anything related to Atlantis! I find that ancient city fascinating!

Here is my Role-Playing Information

Here’s what I am always up for and appreciate from others in a Role-Play.

3rd Person, Present/Past Tense (I usually write in present tense, so please ask me to switch to past tense if that is what you prefer and I will gladly do so).
I Am Over 21+ (I also have well over 10 years of Role-Playing experience).
Character Connections of every kind
Character Development
Character Drama if its kept strictly to our Role-Play
Collaboration (I LOVE bouncing ideas around with my writing buddies. ^_^ )
Communication Is A Must (Especially if potential problems need to be solved).
Dark & Gritty Themes
Editing/Changing Posts (Ask, I’ll be more than willing to fix a mistake)
Fade-to-Black with Smut/NSFW Content
Fandom Settings & Characters (DC, Marvel, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Star Trek, D&D, etc).
Flexible & Adaptable
Ghost Friendly (Sometimes life hits us in unexpected ways, so I understand).
Give Me Advice
Horror (Discuss First)
Kinks (Please Ask because it really depends)
Long Term Writing Partners
Marriage (Ask First)
Modern Superhero (My absolute favorite! 🥰)
Most Settings/Genres (So long as I have something “Extra Special” about my character).
Patient for Posts (Take you’re time if you need it, I don’t mind waiting).
Platonic Relationships Between Characters
Plot Twists (But they need to make sense).
PM Friendly (And I would love it if you are as well. ^_^)
Post Frequency (Often, but not everyday. I will rarely, if ever, post on Fridays & Saturdays)
Post Length (3+ Paragraphs. I’ll usually match my partner).
Pregnancy (Ask first)
Profanity Level (Equal to a PG-13 movie. Just a personal preference. Please respect that).
Respect Each Other
1. Romance (MxF & FxM only. I'm not comfortable with anything else. Please respect that)
2. Romance (I like it, but I also don't like a heavy focus on it. Just a small part, that's it).
3. Romance (Slow Burn. I also love playing Submissive roles, but will play Dom upon request).
4. Romance (I'm more than willing to play either the male or female. Just ask. ^_^)
Short Term Writing Partners
Solid Story/Plot
Transforming My Character into whatever form (But please ask me first).
Torture/Maiming (Ask first)
Violence (PG-13, but I am willing to push this to equal an R-Rated Movie upon request).
World/Lore Building

If I spot something I like from you, I'll ask if I can use my own take on it. If the answer is no, I'll respect that. Please be mindful that coincidences can, and do, happen. Some people just think on the same wavelength and come up with similar things for their characters. So I'd appreciate it if you keep that in mind.

If you see something I have not listed and are wondering about it, please ask me if I am willing to do it or not.

Here’s the following things that have a HARD NO from me.

100% Pure Slice-of-Life (Elements of this are okay, but not when an RP has nothing else in it)
Auto-Hitting in Combat (Always dodging my character's attacks also gets a Hard No from me).
Blocked For Leaving Groups (I leave to avoid drama & something occurred there that made me feel very uncomfortable. So if anyone wants to block me without asking me why when I just want to avoid drama then that speaks a lot of their character. That also justifies my decision of leaving in the first place if people are going to be like that and another reason why I never join groups).
Calling My Characters OP (Don't even start. All my characters have exploitable weaknesses and limitations that makes them beatable. None of them can move planets like Superman, either, and are far more grounded than that. Thus, none of my characters are OP).
Character Bio Complaints (There is no right or wrong way to do a character bio so I will put as much information in it as I want to. You did not write it, I did. So, please leave it at that).
Controlling My Character
Death of My Character
Deleting Characters Without Cancelling Plans (Look, everyone has the right to delete their character. But if anyone makes a set plan to RP it out with me and then suddenly deletes their character without cancelling those plans, then that's just flat out rude. If that person has not been banned, they can at least extend the courtesy of cancelling those RP plans before they delete their character. Not only would I greatly appreciate this, it would also be tremendously helpful to me. If this happens, I am going to wonder what I did wrong. This is another example of why communication is a must).
Discord RPs
Fiction & Reality Are Separate (IC does not = OOC & vice versa)
Godmoding & Metagaming
Grammar Nazi's
Group RPs (Not joining any more groups outside of the ones I am already a part of).
No Communication to Solve Problems (So many potential problems could be solved by one simple act: Communication).
Playing Normal Humans (Unless they get powers or something during the RP, no thanks).
Pure Furry RPs
Romance Taboos (Will not romance Divine Beings, Demigods, Angels, Demons, Seccubus, Androids, Robots, Animals, Anthros, Zombies, Ghosts, Genetic Experiments and Clones).
Short Posts & One Liners
Smut/NSFW Content (Sorry, I'm just not into this).
Supernatural Settings & Characters (With the only exceptions of what I am already involved with, I will no longer RP in these settings or play Supernatural Characters due to bad experiences).
Winning For The Sake of Winning (If anyone fights one of my characters and manages to beat them with a less powerful character, it needs to be 'earned'. I won't tolerate low powered characters beating mine in a fight without putting in the hard work of finding out my characters weaknesses first or any pre-planning. So, if you're normal human character ends up fighting my genetically enhanced human who is 5x stronger and faster in a straight up brawl, don't expect to win because that would not make much sense).
Zombie RPs

I have Zero Tolerance for Drama.

After some consideration, I have come to the conclusion that I should have come to a very long time ago. For now on I'm adopting a new policy: Roll with the punches. Since people will be people, its their loss if they end up unable to forgive me for a tiny, little, mistake. I won't give them the satisfaction of reacting to what they accuse me of anymore or their baseless assumptions. I'll simply block them and walk away.

If I make a mistake, I’ll own up to it and apologize. If I do happen to be guilty, I'll fess up and apologize because that is who I am as a person. If anyone throws that back in my face because they aren't capable of giving me the benefit of the doubt and cannot believe that I was being genuine, then that is their problem. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt the first time around, to be believed, and be forgiven. If some people cannot find it within their hearts to give these simple things, that speaks a lot about their character & what is in their heart.

I came here to have fun Role-Playing, I did not come here to cause drama of any kind. So if I find anyone coming at me with anything negative that they think I did, then I will give that person one opportunity to apologize. If not, I will block them because I don’t have the mental strength to deal with their drama.

All I'm asking for is a little human decency, but since I'm not getting it (especially lately); I'm going to just stay out of everyone's way, hide in my little shell and be very, very selective on who I choose as a friend on here for now on. It is so very easy to misunderstand me, it astounds even myself.

Role-Playing is about having FUN. I never came here with the intent to stir up trouble, cause drama, take things that don't belong to me, hurt people for any reason or anything else. I just want one thing; Having fun Role-Playing.

Battling My CHaracters

So, you want to fight one of my characters? Then here's what you should know before you do.

I've been Role-Playing for a while. In that time, I have battled a lot of other peoples characters. I have had a lot of fun in some great fights. But I also have had ones where the other side clearly Godmoded just to claim a win. But in other cases, they were clearly better at battling than I was and would take that win regardless if the victory never made any sense simply because they could.

But before I continue, I am well aware of the fact that guys like Batman and Captain America have beaten opponents much stronger and more powerful than them. Sometimes it makes perfect sense, other times it doesn't. But when it comes to comics, the hero needs to win. This is Role-Playing and we are not writing for an audience that pays to read our material. While comics are allowed to be a bit ridiculous for the fun factor, a fight in a Role-Playing scenario needs to make sense for both parties involved. We're also writing with each other instead of one writer for an audience. So in Role-Playing, the rules change. And since I am writing with you, there needs to be a level of understanding and realism on when its okay to win a fight or to take a loss. When Role-Playing out a fight together, or just writing together in general, its an equal partnership.

Think about this scenario: Frank, a regular human who is a master martial artist, tries picking a fight with Spider-Man. Who do you think is going to win that fight? Spider-Man, of course! But why? Because Peter is way stronger, faster and has powers while Frank does not. And yet, I have actually seen Role-Plays (and been in them myself in some cases) where that low powered character, like Frank, wins a fight with a high powered character in a straight up brawl. No pre-planning was involved, no plot device and no taking advantage of the other guy's weaknesses. Just a simple victory by the merit of being the better battler/writer. This kind of victory makes no sense and there is a high risk of drama starting if the player behind Spider-Man believes he should have won. There is also a high risk of humiliating Spider-Man as a character against an opponent he should have been able to beat and disrespecting the player behind him. No one wants that. So, in the end, its better to take a loss in order to avoid that kind of drama. Its never worth the risk just to grab the win.

Lets switch things up and give Frank an extraordinarily long lifespan and give him over a thousand years of combat experience. Now he picks a fight with another master martial artist named Joe, but he only has 20 years of combat experience. On paper, it makes perfect sense for Frank to win a straight up fight, right? I mean, the guy does have over a thousand years of combat experience.

Unfortunately, if the Role-Player behind Joe wants that win and happens to be better at battling than you are, guess who is going win? Joe. This is another kind of victory that does not make any sense. Two martial artists square off, one has over a thousand years of perfecting his fighting techniques while the other only has 20 years of experience of mastering his own skills. There's no way Joe should win this. None. Maybe if Frank only knew Boxing, then I can see Joe taking a win due to being more versatile. But not if their both master martial artists with one of them having over a thousand years of experience over the other fighter.

This is not the comics with guys like Batman who can beat a 600 year old martial artist like Ra's Al Ghul. Of course Batman is going to win, he's the hero of the story. It would be boring if the Dark Knight lost. This is Role-Playing, not the comics, where victories like this need to be earned and make a certain level of sense in the process. As mentioned before, the rules change from the comics to Role-Playing and the same logic cannot be used for both. Comics are designed to sell while Role-Playing is for fun.

So, here's a little advice: Just because you can win, doesn't mean you should. This creates a high risk of disrespecting the player in question and humiliating the character that just lost the fight to a guy he should have easily beaten. Guess where that will lead? Drama. And who wants that? And its not very fun losing a fight where a victory should have been the result. This is where working with you're Role-Playing partner comes in. There is no shame in taking a loss in order to make you're fellow writer look good.

Now, if there is pre-planning involved, a plot device and/or taking advantage of a character's weaknesses so a victory can be achieved, then I can see how a win would make sense. Claiming a victory this way is well earned if done right. But never in a straight up fight where none of those aforementioned elements are not included.

What if our characters are, more or less, evenly matched and have close to equal combat experience? In that case, I'm fine if I take a loss so long as you respect me enough not to kill my character. This kind of win makes perfect sense.

Whenever I am about to face off with someone else's character, I read their character bio and compare it to mine. If I find my character is more powerful, I'm going to fight tooth, nail and claw to win. If our characters are about an even match, then I'll still try and win. But if I lose, I'll be okay with that. If my character has no chance at all in winning a fight, that's how I'll treat it. That is my parting advice to anyone reading this.

At the end of the day, Role-Playing is about having fun, not winning the next fight. Its okay to lose and there is nothing wrong with taking one on the chin. Thanks for reading.

Rave Reviews

I've seen Knight around RPR but never had the honor of actually roleplaying with him until recently! He's fantastic and so are all his characters which are full of life and their own sense of humor. I highly recommend roleplaying with him if you ever get the chance, it'll be worthwhile! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - -Rosebud-
Knight has quickly proven himself as the kind of friend you want in your corner. Compassionate and steadfast, he never misses a beat to check in with me, and for that, I will forever be grateful. He puts a lot of effort and detail into his characters, each one of them brimming with life and depth along the way. I am glad to have his light in my life! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Keke

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