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Surrounded by thorns, and only pleasant in appearance.

When will it ever be enough?

Rave Reviews

-Rosebud- is a beautiful person. Incredibly creative, very communicative, and enjoys putting her all into her posts. I have had the privilege of meeting two of her characters.
Our current story is so much fun because of all the brainstorming we do together. I enjoy how involved she is.
I definitely want to keep her as a long time writing partner. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Eros_Calls
I have not been role-playing very long with Rosebud, but so far I am having the time of my life. Even if her posts are short, she still gives more than enough to be entertaining that I just can't get enough. She's also a very talented artist that can turn a real actor's face into gorgeous line art. Kind and understanding Concise posts - -Knight-

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