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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 29
  • Birthday: June 04

Update - Slow Replies due to one of the following. Character building, work, editing or sick. Also, I don't like to spend to much time on this site so please add me on kik messenger if you're interested in keeping in touch or ask me for email.

Been a fan of Pokémon since I was little. In my spare time, I draw and edit digitally, read and listen to videos that talk about endtime bible prophecy, world events and health. I just started back roleplaying now that I finally found another site to do it on. Feel free to message if you want to discuss something. Selective adds, literate, pg-13 only theme and 18 and over.

Building Your Character’s Profile

What's Your Name Number?

Line Art Edit Request Only. Please find somebody else to color it in for you and I'm also looking for other editors to be affiliates with.

Pick Up Your Edit

What my edits look like.

Additional Characters Besides Sceptile - Click Title Only

What I'm looking for in roleplay.

Tea Time - Weekly Review Updates


My Youtube Channel

My Bitchute Channel - Anime Gif Videos - Life Videos

Parler - Type in solarbeamatrix to find me there. The platform is like twitter but alternative.

Kik Messenger - If anyone wishes to contact me outside of the site.

I don't give out my email unless you ask me.

1. PG-13 is my limit in roleplay.
2. No controlling my characters.
3. Read my forum before requesting an edit.
4. No romance roleplay because I'm not interesed.
5. Don't lag on our roleplay besides being sick, busy or family emergency
6. If on a hiatus, let me know.
7. If not interested in continuing to roleplay, just tell me I don't bite.
8. Don't take my edits without permission.
9. No bad vibes. Be respectful. If there's a problem, let's have tea and talk about it like adults. 10. Be literate and be over 18+ because I will not roleplay with those under 18.
11. Act mature not childish unless your oc character is that way.
12. If my character's backstory or their beliefs in offends you, we don't have to roleplay.

Additonal Characters To Be Added List
Royal (Shiny Serperior)
Burnace (Blue Blaziken)
Crystal (Purple Articuno)
Crime Fighter Blacklight (Westley)

My talents & interest list
Fanfiction - Modern (Real Life Events)
Drinking Tea
Bible Prophecy
Photoshop - Digital Art
Reading - News & Events
Youtube - News & Events
Anime & Cartoons
Pottery Painting
Nails Painting - Not someone's nails.
Meeting like minded people and even those who aren't like minded.

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