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Welcome to my profile. I am Meme trash with a love for anything Sci-fi. I've got a handful of story projects going on over on my DA for anyone interested in checking them out. Some of my characters will be from said projects.

Like I said my favorite genre to rp is Sci-Fi, but I also have a soft spot for Fantasy, Fandoms, and Crossovers(Especially crossovers). Specific sub genres I enjoy are Superhero, Space Opera, Kaiju, and Adventure.

DA: Irradiated Imp
Discord: Jake "The Dank" McMeme#7041
Steam: Irradiated Imp

Currently Open for RP
Currently looking for rp with
The Squad

On Going Story Projects
Band of Bros
Hunter Brutality
Cryptid Sitcom
The Squad
Axtra,HB, and the Cyberpunk one are all collab projects with others


Rave Reviews

I felt I should give Kudos where its deserved! I was new to the website and knew very little of it and I had a RP going (Still do) and he being in the RP totally helped me with it and helped me hold it together and he still does! He is creative, fun, and kind and I'd love to do one if not multiple more RPs with him now that I'm much more experienced in RPing. - Marcat2001
Oh, where to start... we've been RPing since 2014 up to as recently as last month and honestly, I'm amazed that he's been able to put up with me for so long. Though our ideas don't always gel and our senses of humour sometimes don't mesh when it comes to IC plot elements, OV3RL0RD-P4RR0T is a partner I'm more than happy to continue to RP with. His creative and quirky array of characters are themselves a very strong lure for those who like interesting sci-fi or fantasy elements in their RP. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Riik

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