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Hello! I'm Dev, and I honestly don't have any ideas for Profile Pictures, hence the current image on my profile, or perhaps “no image”. I've been roleplaying since I was 7 or 8, which, at that age is those Roblox High school and Club Penguin-type games where they use asterisks and it's all *gives bread to Brady*. So really, when I started to get serious about roleplay was when I was twelve or thirteen-ish, and I discovered my love of writing. I tried writing a book and it turned out that I never got that far, only a chapter or so in. I think what makes me love roleplaying so much is that it's essentially writing a book with a person or group of people. I'm a big fan of SoL, School, Historical, Certain Fandoms, and Romance to a certain extent.

I know I'm not as descriptive as I can be, and I'm working on it. I will normally post a paragraph or so, unless it gets slow, and if you”re lucky, I can bang out a three-paragraph post! Such an accomplishment- not really but- and I'm trying to improve my writing.

My characters aren't as developed or detailed as I'd like them to be, and that's always the hardest part of roleplaying for me, to make my characters and detail them. If anyone has a really good template, or has a suggestion, feel free to contact me via private messages and tell me. Thank you!

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