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- I am still writing, and you are welcome to read my info above and message me on Discord if you'd like to RP -

- GEMS -


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Bailey is an individual that I have known for quite some time. Although we haven't RPed as much as we could have, it's evident in the time we have that her RP is honestly something for you to consider. She's kind, sweet, and puts as much love as possible into her creations. She is someone worth getting to know, I think. xoxox ur neighborhood duck - Rot
Whoa man. I saw all of these kudos flying around and at first I was confused, but then I saw they were ALL from Bailey. And you know what? I wasn't surprised. Bailey is one of the sweetest and kindest people on this site, with every character brimming with well thought out story lines. Eliotte is by far my favorite, packed full of creativity and depth you wouldn't believe - and it's like that with EVERY idea she brings to light. Her posts dish out quality AND quantity. I urge you to RP with her. - Rot

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  • 13ee posted a new status: discord linked in bio for those of you wanting to stay connected.
    bye rpr, you were a real one for nearly a decade.
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