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Dene-Metis, Agender, They/Them
Multi-paragraph persona roleplayer writing @Eliotte.
I have a fondness for adult themes, and especially love gore/horror.
Back from the dead, if you're reading this - let's write?
social media: @boyki11er/@beegetsshitdone
*the photos on this page are of me. please do not steal them you weirdo.
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Rave Reviews

Baeleaf; she is one of a kind. Pouring her heart and soul in to her rp and creativity. And it is tangible just by the very way Elliott has grown and became the character he is today and will become in the future. Keep being awesome! And don't give up ever. - Clove
Eliotte (played by 13ee)
i LovE eliotTe

he's like a refreshing drink of wit
and snapple

go talk to him!!!

edit: this character is clever, thought-out, detailed, and majestic
he's something of a butterfly unicorn
you'll be roped in with his charisma and probably laugh a lot which is go0d, i always find that even when i'm tired of writing he brings out the best in my hands
give him a try!!

batteries not included - aitsena

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