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Bee · They/Them · Dene-Metis Mixed Race · 2-Spirit Queer
Mental Health Advocate · Land Back · Activist · Indigenous Baddie

· Residing on unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations ·
*the photos on this page are of me. please do not use them as your own*

Here for:
· Multi-paragraph
· Persona
· Third-Person
· Adult for Adult (18+)
· Dark themes
· No consent
· World building/Story discussion
· Character-development focused
· Modern settings
· Building on established stories
· Discord > RPR

I'll Pass:
· Plotless Smut
· Purple Prose
· Canon characters/worlds
· Short & sweet
· Short-term
· Needless drama
· Lack of substance
· Underage characters & players
· Pre-set Scenes
· Clean-slate story-writing

I'm back from the dead after several years of low-key roleplay. You may recognize me from Furcadia, but I have long left that community in hopes of finding more like-minded individuals on the RPR realm. I like to play on the realistic side of things, so I draw from personal experience in a lot of my story-telling. I play on a modern timeline, and have a fondness for adult themes including horror and gore. I find I write best as Eliotte, and have included an in-depth seeking page that I would be excited to work off of should you feel stumped for connections.
I like to incorporate my character's standing relationships in with the ones they are building with you, the fellow writer. For this reason, I don't like to utilize my characters in set-plot situations. I prefer to build on the stories that are already pre-written, and don't like canon characters or realms.
I am easy-going, and accepting of personal life experiences. While I am often quite prompt in responses to my roleplays, I am also understanding that not everyone can offer the same. You can expect clear and honest communication with me, and I appreciate the same courtesy. For the fastest responses, you can hit me up over my discord.
Thanks for reading, and hope we get to write soon.


- GEMS -

Rave Reviews

Eliotte (played by 13ee)
A lovely character played by a very friendly person! I love his enthusiasm for plot and development, and he takes on RP with all sorts of characters! Eliotte is a Butterfl I'd happily play in the garden with any time! - Caroline
Whoa man. I saw all of these kudos flying around and at first I was confused, but then I saw they were ALL from Bailey. And you know what? I wasn't surprised. Bailey is one of the sweetest and kindest people on this site, with every character brimming with well thought out story lines. Eliotte is by far my favorite, packed full of creativity and depth you wouldn't believe - and it's like that with EVERY idea she brings to light. Her posts dish out quality AND quantity. I urge you to RP with her. - Rot

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