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I'm a pretty chill person unless you catch me playing PVP. I like many things mainly a gamer and anime nerd. Hopefully I'm not as rusty at this as I think lol. I am used to writing a lot so bear with me please. ^^

Update: Slowly trying to get back into role-playing after taking a hiatus to deal with mental problems. My responses will most likely be slow for awhile as there are some family issues happening as well. Regardless, I do enjoy talking to people so feel free to message me with just about anything!

Rave Reviews

Lilit's dynamic writing has made our role play more than engaging on a personal level. I would find myself reading her replies more than once because they are just amazing reads! Her ability to be creative while more than proficiently express her character's thoughts, actions, and insight into words is more than enough for me to consider her a partner I do not regret in meeting in this site. There are times when she has been a good friend to me as well, so I am more than glad to meet her in RPR. - mericosine
Hello my friend, she’s an amazing at rping and she’s amazing at making long responses, then I would recommend people to rp with her, so we’ve done one rp together, she makes great responses while they’re well detailed, in return, kudos! - Foxy_TheWarrior

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