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Hello everyone, I am 2pointo, but Two, Kierro, or Bubble is fine. I have been seriously roleplaying since I was 9 years old where I started my first freeform forum. I look forward to RPing with you.

Active Roleplays:
    Broad River High
    My Little Toy Soldier

I prefer to write in someone else's story, but rumor has it I'm working on a sci-fi thriller RP. Keep up with me for details! c:

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you have a pleasant day. See you on the battlefield. Peace-out.

Rave Reviews

Two and I first met in a group RP a few months back and he has been so amazing from his detailed posts to creative ideas to friendly demeanor! When we were in a pinch, he quickly took up the helm and kept us from having to scramble. Honestly, if you need any more reason to RP with Two then you've just gotta do it and see for yourself! You definitely won't be disappointed. Helpful Wonderful writer - hannsthemanns

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