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Heyyy, I'm a socially awkward twenty year old. Welcome to my corner of the site, glad to have you. Let's sit down and have a little chat about awkward ol' me, 'kay? Sound fun? Yeah? Let's go!




Lil' Ol' Me
Let's be honest, I'm surprised anyone even clicked on this collapse. But hi, how are you? How's your day? How's life? Let's get comfy, sit down, grab a coffee or a cup of tea, maybe a snack, and I'll get on with it.

I like to keep to myself, about what I do outside of this website, because I find those things very personal and private and I'm not too keen on telling others those things. But, I will say the basic things, hobbies and stuff like that, and how I am as a person.

For starters, obviously, I'm an absolute writing geek. I've been writing stories since I was about six years old and absolutely fell in love with it. Of course, I couldn't spell for anything, but I got better and I must say, I'm a pretty good speller. I draw, too, but I'm not so skilled. That doesn't go to say that I don't still love it, though. It helps me in tough times, just like writing does.
I cannot do anything without listening to some music. I have pretty soft taste, but it wasn't always like that. I grew up listening to older music, like Queen, and also country. When I was in middle school, I was heavily into rock, then some years went by and I started getting into Fall Out Boy and softer music and smaller artists. I even got into K-Pop.
Cooking and baking, two completely different things if you ask me. Both are sciences but involve fractions that I'm... not very good with. I'm not a math genius and probably never will be. But I make one heck of a chef and a baker. Not to mention the fact that I'm foodie and I love anything spicy. I can't handle sweets, which is ironic since I enjoy baking. But, I can't handle anything I bake and stick to bitter dark chocolate.

As a person, I can either be very productive or very, very lazy. I also have both types of ADHD and symptoms of bipolar. These affect me in my day to day lifestyle, so if I suddenly go quiet, just give me a tap and I'll get back to you with what's going on. I'm honest but not too honest. I tend to over share sometimes, but I've been working on that recently.
I'm very laid back and it's pretty hard to get on my bad side. This is also how I am as a roleplayer, as well. Which I'll get into later.
I have social anxiety, so if I suddenly drop a roleplay, its probably because I didn't know how to say I wanted to discontinue it. I try to tell my partners, but end up chickening out. I can seem very outgoing, but trust me, I'm a shy person and choose to hide behind a screen.

Made it this far? Wow, I'm impressed. Let's move on, then!
Roleplayer Status
As a roleplayer, I'm pretty chill. I don't have many boundaries or rule for anyone to follow, I just kinda go with the flow, really.

I will always write in 3rd person and give you just as much as you give me. If you give me only a few lines or a paragraph, I'll respond with just that amount. If you give me 3+ paragraphs, I'll give you 3+ paragraphs. I do tend to write detailed first responses, but if I see that my partner isn't putting in that effort,
I see no point in putting in so much effort into a response like that.

Basically, if you want a book, I'll give you a book, so long as you give me one back. If you want an essay, I'll give you an essay, so long as you give me one back. If you want a summary, I'll give you a summary, so long as you give me one back. If you want a description, I'll give you a description, so long... as you give me one back.

My characters are very much so under work. They probably always will be as I like to work on them with every chance that I get. I will update their profiles when I feel I have collected enough information about them to update it. They are all currently being used, and I do have more than just these 7, so character development is a little slow.
Roleplay: Do's and Don'ts

    Give your best effort
    Give as much detail as possible
    Feel comfortable around me, I don't bite
    Ask before adding something major. If it's small, go right ahead. If you're not sure, ask anyway.
    Have semi-decent grammar. I get bored with illiterate posts
    Smut is okay with me, and is typically always added in the roleplays I'm in
    Romance is a must. I don't do friendship roleplays or anything of that sort
    Be creative and have

    No rape, backstories are fine, but I will not roleplay rape
    No BDSM, I don't like it, it's not my thing(This doesn't mean I can't handle rough erotic scenes, I jsut don't like BDSM)
    Under no circumstances do I allow god/power play. If a character has a special ability, that's fine, but that doesn't make them invincible
    I don't do anything with real characters from real stories/movies/tv shows
    Don't think that how my character acts is how I'm going to act. I play my character as my
character, not how I feel toward you as a person. Our characters are different from ourselves
    Don't be negative all the time, if you're having a bad day, that's fine, but I don't appreciate people who are constantly negative
Roleplay: Genres
Here are the genres that I'll do:
    Sci-fi(very limited plots)
    History(very limited plots)
    MxM Pairings
    MxF Pairings(not so often)

And.... You've made it! If you've even made it this far... Well, if you did, thanks for reading! Send me a message if you wanna roleplay or just find one of my characters interesting. Or even if you just wanna talk.
Have a wonderful day! <3

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