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>>my cat<<

|RP notes|

I'm free most weekends and evenings, except (generally) Fridays and Sundays.

~15 year Furcadia veteran. I enjoy rping, as well as dreamweaving and patch editing.

My memory isn't great. If I forget things, don't be offended.

|OOC notes|

My interests include my cat, hiking, reading, tabletop gaming, concerts...

I'm a big fan of Trent Reznor and Damon Albarn (the geniuses behind Nine Inch Nails and Gorillaz).

I'm a bit of a tea enthusiast, and especially love black and herbal.



Rave Reviews

Dare is such an amazing, devoted friend/RPer with incredible organization skills! It comes through in so many ways: he's always up for a RP and actively invites people to join him all the time, he makes websites beautiful and accessible, and he adds so much detail and life to his characters and the worlds he builds. I love collaborating with him, and I'll always remember and cherish that it was his friendly RP invitation one day that brought me back into the RP world again after over a decade! - jamerson
68_dare has been an awesome friend. From the time I gotten my first whisper (Hack) to now, it's been a blast! Over the years we have rped so many different scenarios from causing trouble around town to just hanging out at the park. The list can go on! If your ever looking for someone to rp with that can be creative and knows how to have a good time, hit one of 68_dare characters up. You won't be disappointed! <3333 - Jadakiss

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