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|RP notes|

I love rp, so hit me up.

Often I don't ask to join ongoing rp; I figure you'll ask.

My memory isn't great. If I forget things, don't be offended.

I'm free most weekends and evenings*.

|OOC notes|

~15 year Furcadia veteran. I enjoy rping, as well as dreamweaving and patch editing.

When I'm not on Furc, I enjoy playing other mmorpgs, D&D, and hiking.

I'm a big fan of Trent Reznor and Damon Albarn (the geniuses behind Nine Inch Nails and Gorillaz).

I'm a bit of a tea enthusiast, and especially love black and herbal.



Rave Reviews

I have known this player for a while. They are consistent, creative, and in general just a good human being. They are incredibly helpful and always willing to write. If you can get a long term RP with them, I highly recommend it. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Vicious
So I've recently entered an RP setting - and then shortly found out that the player of one of my favorite characters in it has been around the whole time, always in older games, always chill and welcoming, always organizing material and events, always poking the old farts and newcomers alike into all flavors of RP. It impressed me and made me feel at ease then, and it does now when I'm seeing it go on around me - they've just been a good person and player as far as I can remember! - Rigby

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