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I'm pretty socially anxious, so I apologize in advance if I come off rude, or manage to stick my foot in my mouth; I tend to be either too quiet or nervously chatty, and I'm constantly over-analyzing everything I say. As a result I'm not great at asking or reaching out, so if I've promised a scene or plot, please bother me, or else it'll never get done.

I am an unreliable narrator, especially when playing deceptive characters. I won't outright lie, but may imply or suggest things through narration.

I also almost exclusively RP on Furc/Discord in continuities and groups.

**Main is currently Cecille. My sleepy non-binary cyberdoc.
Secretly nudging cool scifi people to check out...
And high fantasy folk...



I've always been a bit hesitant to include things like this because I generally don't like to rule anything out, but.
I'm not much for romance RPs. I don't like seeing them as 'endgame'. I don't like people entering into an RP with me with "oh man gotta build up that relationship just enough to get with that character."
I don't despise romance, but in general nothing makes me happier than building up complex, thoughtful, strong friendship bonds, and if that develops into romance after, cool.
I totally understand people have their preferences, I just don't like stumbling into that situation and feeling like I accidentally 'rp friendzoned' someone, or disappointed them with a lack of smut. 💦
That's not to say I don't have promiscuous characters, but those are dang easy to spot.

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A White Rose, and a Cup Of Tea From Ave 💖💦

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People with a level of devotion like AJ has are major players in bringing a community closer. AJ's always pitching new continuity additions/devious plots and entertaining everyone with a great sense of humor (which is an important, rare quality in a good RPer!) Better yet, AJ is an incredible artist, but in a way that not only is beautiful, but also makes others feel included and appreciated: they draw hundreds of character interactions, illustrating hilarious moments. Big kudos to AJ! - jamerson
This guy made an amazing trick or treat topic that really added detail to a colorful, substantial Halloween celebration. A genteel character, a polite and considerate RP style, very sly humor, nicely written scenes. A delight to RP with. Thanks, sirrah! - Shinyrainbowlithogra

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