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  • Age: 29
  • Birthday: October 19

I'm a socially anxious person, so I apologize in advance if I come off wrong, rude, or just really awkward; I tend to be either too quiet or nervously chatty, and I'm constantly over-analyzing everything I say. As a result I'm not great at asking or reaching out, so if I've promised a scene or plot, please bother me, or else it'll never get done.

I am an unreliable narrator, especially when playing deceptive characters. I won't outright lie, but may imply or suggest things through narration.

I also almost exclusively RP on Furc/Discord in continuities and groups.

**Main is currently Cecille. My sleepy non-binary cyberdoc.
Secretly nudging cool scifi people to check out...


<<Art Tumblr>>

A Single White Rose From Ave 💖💦

Rave Reviews

  • People with a level of devotion like AJ has are major players in bringing a community closer. AJ's always pitching new continuity additions/devious plots and entertaining everyone with a great sense of humor (which is an important, rare quality in a good RPer!)...
    -- jamerson
  • (Part II) There is a lot of love, thought, and effort put into them, which makes jumping into their world quite an experience. Not only are they a fantastic writer, but an outstanding artist that occasionally commemorates roleplay scenes or ideas in the form of...
    -- Aveilthe

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