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STATUS: Somewhat active <3
Time zone: Central

Profile pic: The man I simp for. The one- the only- Izumi Miyamura!
from Horimiya!

This is where I get my dividers!

I'm Quinn! You can call me that, or ask about my other many nicknames. XD
I am...

A student!
Asexual 5d7887f66c8d38d5b235d7cf7bc5ca3a-asexual-hexagon-stripe-pixel-flat.png
Taken! <3
Christian, not the crazy ones I swear XD
Happy to be me at the moment <3

Here are a few more things to note about me!
I have been diagnosed with autism. There are a few things I can't understand or control, please keep that in mind! I'll try my best though :)

I have therapy from Monday-Thursday at 3pm-5:30pm CST! I also have school right before that at, yknow, normal school times XD

I do NOT like adult themed roleplays. It makes me uncomfortable.

I hyperfixate over certain serieses. I'm sorry if I ever go on a rant about them!

They are my pride and joy.

I am somewhat of a weeb. You could probably already tell XD

I do semilit roleplays and try to do at least 4-5 sentences per reply!

I am so everywhere lmao

Ask about my growing pin collection :)

Here are some of the things I love!
Media that you watch
Steven Universe
Big Hero 6
A lot more, but I can't think :(

Again, a lot more but I can't t h i n k

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Only did One RP with them but it was fun while it lasted. Good character and very eccentric. :)

Evelyn x - PastelDemon16
Heave is a wonderful girl! She's sweet and fun! Her replies in our RP are magnificent and I'm glad I was able to start one up with her! If you ever have the chance to RP with her, I'd take it in a heartbeat! - SoullessAdventure

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