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STATUS: Not active <3
Time zone: Central

Profile pic from: Animal Crossing: New Horizons! But with a nice twist ;)

What Your Characters Mean to You

Hi! As you can see, my username is ALTY_Heave. You can call me Alty, Heave, or Quinn! :D It's nice to meet you! My main account used to be AGirlWithManyNames <3


Important stuff + my schedule!
By the way, I'm socially awkard. If I do not understand what is going on, that's the reason why. Also, I might not know what to say next.

I have a few disorders, such as anxiety, slight OCD, and autism that is very low on the spectrum.

If I do not message you after a few days, please message me...sometimes I accidentally click on something, and I don't notice it. I also don't clear out my inbox often.

From Mon-Fri., I'll try to be on by 4 PM Central Time (or possibly earlier), unless I'm busy..which I'll have no idea when I came on.
For Sunday and Saturday, it'll be when I'm usually on lol.
I'm very busy with school, so it's not guaranteed that I'll be on every single day.
Thank you for reading, and I wish all of you other students luck in your school years! <3

Who has two thumbs and likes these things? This gal!
Crap I like: Danganronpa, Epithet Erased, Steven Universe, Monster Prom, Ace Attorney, Dear Evan Hansen, the Sims, Spongebob: the Musical, Eddsworld, Total Drama, Disney, drawing, Animal Crossing, BNHA, Spiderverse, Big Hero 6, Marvel in general, and much much more :v

YouTubers I like: Jacsepticeye, Bijuu Mike, LaurenZSide, Gloom, TomSka, AlanBecker, JaidenAnimations, TheOdd1sOut, Danny Gonzalez, Anthony Padilla, and many, many more :v

Feel free to message me about any of that stuff!

As most people, I have a few rules.

1. Please..No ER*TICA! I just really don't like it. It makes me feel awkward.

2. No discrimination of a race/religion/sexuality OOC. I understand if your character is racist, but please don't do it OOC. That's just extremely rude.

3. at least try to have fun! If you don't like the roleplay we are doing, just tell me. It won't hurt too much.


Rave Reviews

ALTY_Heave is a great roleplayer! I love that their posts are concise and they can pop out a paragraph or two at a time. They are really great at creating good details for their characters. I can't believe I haven't given them Kudos before now~ Drives the plot forward Fast responses - RedPandaF0x
I have 3 roleplays going with her. She's amazing and not to play favoritism. I honestly always look forward to roleplaying with her. Give her a try. She has amazing characters too. - Roxy_FNAF

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