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ARCHITECT either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

Wizard is... well, Wizard! He's one of those individuals you can't help but call unique in the best of ways. Everything he writes is so eloquent and interesting it makes me strive to be a better writer! I adore his relationship with Time and all the quirkiness in his characters. He's truly someone you must meet once, at the very least! - Sanne
I can't believe I've somehow slid around giving the guy kudos. I've missed him terribly. I'm glad he's around and inspiring myself and others.

This architect brings the precision and care of the craft, but he has a sneaky way of infusing delectable insight and wonderous, unfathomable depths of imagination. He's capable of unspeakable terror, but just as capable of humor and goodness, too, and I'm honored to have seen it unfold over the years.

Also that art kicks rear, but we knew that. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Rigby

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