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Herr Antonius: DOUR.DOCTOR

You may contact me on Discord at GRANDPA WITH CHAINSAW#7239

Rave Reviews

Wizard is always a joy to interact with, be it RPing out a scene or bouncing ideas back and forth for some insightful input! He's a great friend with a grand listening ear and a smart brain full of amazing concepts! Go on, give RPing with him a shot. You'll love it! <g> - Copper_Dragon
He is one of the sweetest, inexplicably intelligent and talented people I have ever had the pleasure to befriend. Every character, every post has its own story to tell. Not only is it a joy to roleplay with this dear, it doubles as a privilege. Some of the best times of my roleplaying career have been spent with him, and I look forward to many more in the future. - COG

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  • THE MAD ARCHITECT (played by ARCHITECT) has befriended Quinne (played by Rook), Kaili Burke (played by GlitterSqueak), Lume (played anonymously).(About 15 hours ago)
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  • Rook gave THE MAD ARCHITECT (played by ARCHITECT) kudos:
    Antonius is a fascinating character that I'm always excited to get roleplays with. He's played wonderfully, offering realism to darker scenes and one of my favorite things in such a setting: psychological horror. He doesn't need a lot to be the most intimidating person in a room, and that sort of thing is what I love about characters like him. The medical aspect committing to realism is another thing I adore, alongside the alchemical business he has in addition! Fantastic both IC and out. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer
    (About 17 hours ago)
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  • ARCHITECT gave Kanrik Lolthsson (played by Postey) kudos:
    Kanrik is a bastard of the finest sort. He's truly complex: his default setting puts him at odds with many characters as he seeks to harm, use or abuse them to some petty end, but he is no caricature antagonist. For a dragon, Kanrik is terribly, wonderfully human: his depiction is perhaps the finest example I've ever seen of the struggle of a person who, having lived an evil life due to necessity and developed the associated habits, is nevertheless trying, trying, trying to be good. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward
    (About 1 week 5 days ago)