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Overprotective Big Brother: Codie Nii

About Me

Eh, there really isn't a lot about me but here I go.


Name: Well You can Call me Aaricia or any variation of that if we are close. I usually go by Sora since it was one of my first RP characters and is the oldest one I have created.

Likes: Ah I do like a lot of things surprisingly. Those are for me to know and you to perhaps find out? Winks


Dislikes: Hm I do dislike some forms of idiotic behaviour, eh a bunch of different people like rapists, just plain people sometimes cause they can ask the stupidest things, I hate roaches... (most do) and sometimes I hate waiting on a reply to a juicy bit of the RP (no i don't blame anyone for their slow replies lol)

Pets: Ah depends we talking human or animal? Well if Human eh none yet? And if animal then I have multiple. A tabby cat that has a tiger pattern and green eyes very creatively named Tabby (i was 10...), Two stray cats (one belonged to the neighbour that left it in our garden abandoned). One stray is the same tiger type but is a half Persian male, the other is the cat's boyfriend (yes they hella gay) and he is black and white in colour. I also have an adopted street rescue named Athena. She is a black doggie with brown eyes and is about a year and a half old. The other WAS a Belgium Shephard, milk tea colour and lived with us for 12 years before she died of Cancer. (Yes I love dogs)


Food: Noodles and Burgers
Drink: Eh I like Milo and anything cold
Dessert: Dark Chocolate, Sometimes Ice Cream, but I like Yoghurt
Colour: Crimson, Gold, Silver and Black
Clothing Type: Anything that fits. Usually, wear Shorts and a T-shirt
Brand: Ah well... they are expensive
Song: Currently How Do You Sleep by Sam Smith
Favourite Artist: Female (Camila Cabello) Male (Sam Smith) Group (Imagine Dragons)
Book: All-time Favourite is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone
Fanfic: It All Started With A Visit To Gringotts Book by Jadedragon36 (MxM pairing) and The Raikage By Aragon Potter (MxMulti F)


Animal: Wolf
Youtubers: Team Edge, Studio C, Good Mythical Morning, The Try Guys, The King of Random, Jazza, SortedFood and SuperCarlinBrothers
Anime: Naruto, Fairy Tail, Toriko, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Bleach, Hunter X Hunter, Detective Conan and History's Mightiest Disciple Kenichi and also One Punch Man
Cartoon: Scooby-Doo, Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Bakugan, Avengers
Movie: Marvel, DC, and current Favourite is Ready Player One
Games: (I don't game) but Card Games I do like UNO, Big 2 and War.
Board Games: Monopoly and Pictionary
Sports: Cricket (used to play when I was small) and well that's it (And Dancing if you count that as a sport)
Hobbies: Writing, Drawing, Reading


Alrighty, a bit about my characters. If anyone has questions about any 18+ RP please mail me so we can discuss beforehand. Also, do notify me if you are comfortable with that form of RP before we get into it. I rather not have to stop in the middle if one of you has complaints about such trivial things when I have made it absolutely clear what I would be doing on my part.


Yes, I am looking for members to make up an online family here. If anyone of you feels like you want to be part of my family or simply be friends to chat with hit me up. So far I do have my IRL bestie and he will continue to be that on the site as well
Best Friend:Darkmier
Kawaii Younger Siblings: ragemachine

That's it, for now, I will add more when I have asked or you have asked and we mutually agree to be family ^^

Rave Reviews

If I'm being honest, not only are they a good human from what I've been with them, they're a wonderful writer, their characters are wonderful to RP with. Not to mention they make amazing worlds, rolls with the punches and decisions of their RP partner. 10/10 will update if something changes. Wonderful writer Concise posts - Anonymous
Aaricia is one of the best writers I've ever roleplayed with. They make very concise and prompt posts and can really drive the plot forward. They are also really good with taking on the personality of her characters right away. Kudos to you! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - RedPandaF0x

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