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Seven/Ace | 30 | He/Him or They/Them

>Please send me a dm before you send a friend request, just a quick hello, and introduction - I would appreciate it. I will no longer be accepting requests otherwise, just for my peace of mind. Also, I will only roleplay with or friend people who have their age listed on their account, AND if they are 18+.<

Hey! My name is Seven. I'm a Trans-Man currently living in Canada. It is quite nice here, for the most part. I've lived here for most of my life. I've been on RpR for quite some time now, and I am trying to integrate myself into the community more nowadays.

I've been roleplaying and writing for over 16 years now, and I have several personal stories that are in the works, some of which are being turned into books. I spend my time designing characters, worlds, and the like. My brain is noisy and always churning out ideas and refining my older concepts. I thoroughly enjoy High-Fantasy, Horror, Action, Adventure, and Western-themed roleplays, and sometimes I will do romance if the chemistry between characters calls for it.

Rave Reviews

I always appreciate Ace's company. He has a heart of gold and keeps on trucking even when things don't seem that great. I think that's an amazing personality trait and I wish him the best of friends in the world. - Sanne
Spirit is one of those people who you just need to force your affection on, because they are amazingly talented with their character designs!

They were around back when I joined in June of 2015, and the official chat topic is a different without them!

Either way, you should message Spirit if you ever are wanting to roleplay with someone who has awesome looking characters that are unique! - SummerNights

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