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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: May 15

I love cats, hugs, Roleplay, Undertale, Warrior cats, Welcome to Nightvale, pokemon, anime, manga, cartoons(#stevenuniverseyo) fantasy creatures, reading, music, killing people, hugs and many other things that I can't name right now! (hehe gotcha!)

I really love to rp romance and adventure! Some combat would be fine too of course but that romance *loud inhaling* oh it gets me hard. I also love to play as a pokemon, animal or a dragon! I just like when people own me! XD Am I weird enough yet? Anyways I love rping so PM me up if you want a weird person like me in your rp life! Don't worry about me being to boring! I got me trusty FLAMETHROWER!

IMPORTANT: School has taken my soul and it sucks. I'll be on a temporary hiatus for the time being! It'll be long but it's only temporary I promise! If you want to rp you can still send me a message but we'll have to hold it till my hiatus ends! Thank you for understanding! ^w^


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