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My name is James and I am currently a senior in high school. I like writing, psychology, philosophy, and math. Notice I forgot science? Yeah, that was on purpose. Haha, so uh, yeah, that's your intro to me, I guess XD
I LOVE violent RPs! Like super violent RPs. Like 200% gore and shit!!! Yeah...violence is fun

Whenever I need inspiration in real life I watch this:

Whenever I need writing inspiration I listen to the bands listed below!

I love all Tarantino movies, but Pulp Fiction is my favorite by far! I love Leon the Professional(great movie, look it up). Jar jar binx is my favorite starwars character(just kidding, don't throw your crucifixes at me, yet). I like comedy shows like The Office and Arrested Development to dramatic shows like The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. Umm, if you EVER want to talk about the walking dead, PLEASE PM ME!!! I love talking about that kind of stuff!

I like doing fantasy roleplays and
prefer paragraphish length posts. If you wanna rp with me, just send me a private message and I'll be sure to respond. So, uhm, yeah, I don't know what else to put here so I'm gonna stop typing and hit that "Update Profile" button. I'll see you soon(unless I'm using a blind character)

Click here!

I am a senior in high school and probably gonna end up being a teacher(of what, I have no idea).

As far as music tastes go, here are a few: System Of A Down, Rage Against The Machine, Breaking Benjamin(sometimes), Korn, and Theory Of A Deadman(sometimes).

Please don't talk about homestuck around me. All my friends got into homestuck and always talk about it and I refuse to read it because of my "ego"(according to them).

Despite all this, I am generally a kind person and would love to RP with all yall!

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How has he not received a kudos yet?! Come on, RPR! Annnywaays, he is kinda awesome and great at RPs - he really knows how to get the action going XD Don't pass up a chance to RP with this guy! -enthusiastic thumbs up sign- - Xion
In depth characters and a unique RP style. Wanna have an awesome RP hit this dude up time yesterday. - EvilBoy

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