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AdoboKitty has always been an avid reader and storywriter. At the tender age of 13 she discovered roleplaying for the first time and has been in love with it ever since. Now, many years she's found a place better than all the rest and shes here to stay.

Rave Reviews

I have not interacted with Adobo much but what I have pleases me so much! She is a great communicator and will work with you to make sure the story develops to appease both parties and spice it up with some intriguing elements! I look forward to continuing our characters story. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Luxo
Abodo is a fantastic person to write with. She has a vast array of interesting characters, each of them more intriguing than the last. She's in it for the long run, capable and more than willing for some long lasting tales. Outside of storytelling she's a kind and easygoing person with a great knowledge of tabletops that I can only hope to match one day. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Pirate

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    Quillen is a wonderful roleplay partner and DM. They always keep the story moving forward and is so understanding. They are very creative and patient as a partner. I'd recommend this person for anyone looking for a long term partner 🌼😊🌼 Kind and understanding Long-term partner
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