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RP Status:
Reply Status:
If I can’t respond within 3 days,
I will try to give a heads-up :)
RP Preferences:
> Fantasy
> Adventure
> Apocalypse
> Romance (friends only)
Will Do:
Action, violence, medieval, and extra characters.
Won't Do:
God Mod or kill off characters(Unless given permission.).

More information :)
This is all of my RPing information.
RP Style: I tend to write in detail and large posts, giving as much life as I can in the RP. As the RP continues, my posts will get shorter(mainly on dialogue parts), but never less than 5 sentences(A paragraph.) And it does not mean I have lost interest in the RP. I will let you know if that is the case :)
If you can not post a Role-Play starter, then I will be more than happy to. My starters are the biggest, and I like to describe the world as well as I can. Usually, I like to plan the RP out before jumping right in, this helps me with how it should go and how we both want it to be :)

How fast will I reply: I can assure you that I will post within every three days, if I have something coming up or something is wrong on my end, then I will let you know.

Genre Informaiton: I LOVE Fantasy RP. It is also how I got into RP, I loved watching The Hobbit movies, LOTR movies, Avatar, and many other Fantasy based movies. Xena the Warrior Princess got me into Greek Mythology and strong females! I love creating AU using references to Fantasy and/or Sci-Fi movies. Not only will I dabble in Fantasy, but I will also jump into Sci-Fi as well. Depending on the Sci-Fi we plan, I will most likely be super interested and really try to make it magical(Bare with me, though. I am not experienced with that genre ;ovo)
Apocalypse RPs are super fun. Meg was the character I created for this. I loved the Resident Evil movies and games, and have played Fallout 3.

Discord - Ask please :)
Instagram - nov.embris
DevianArt - AdoniV
ToyHouse - Adoni

Rave Reviews

There is so much to be said. Adoni has such planned out, intricate characters that you can't truly know until you Rp with them. It is obvious by the style that Adoni has been roleplaying for no short amount of time, and that she cares deeply for each and every character, pouring her heart and soul into everything she does.

Not only that, but the paragraphs Adoni writes isn't filler. It's raw roleplay woth detail and information. Sometimes you have to read over it more then once to grasp it all - Laydrin_Conarsis
I literally just started a roleplay w/ them, and i'm simply amazed w/ the amount of intricate thought and detail i read in the replies i've gotten. It's like reading a book, with the most talented author behind it, and they're understanding, overall just an amazing person. kudos! o(≧▽≦)o Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - haneulseongie

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