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I am a young man whose hobby is nature photographing. I am into RP just recently, and I found it fun.

Although I have some preferences for RP-ing, such as no NSFW and kinks (they somewhat make me uncomfortable)
I am willing to RP with any races, but I prefer more humanoid ones (certain mythical creatures, demi-humans, elves, vampires, etc.) I love fantasy (especially Feudal Japan setting) and Isekai (where the MC gets transported into an another world, but I am willing to do modern, sci-fi and romance topics as well.

Rave Reviews

In the time that I've roleplayed with them, they've been a great roleplay partner! I really look forward to their responses, which can be short but are very well-written. Thank you :) Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - SunbroTheAbysswalker
He was new to roleplaying and did a great job hosting a Halloween event. The event was easy to participate in and the action kept moving with great response time in replying to posts and there were enough activities to keep the scene interesting. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - AgentMilkshake

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