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I am a young man whose hobby is nature photographing. I am into RP just recently, and I found it fun.

Although I have some preferences for RP-ing, such as no NSFW and kinks (they somewhat make me uncomfortable)
I am willing to RP with any races, but I prefer more humanoid ones (certain mythical creatures, demi-humans, elves, vampires, etc.) I love fantasy (especially Feudal Japan setting) and Isekai (where the MC gets transported into an another world, but I am willing to do modern, sci-fi and romance topics as well.

Rave Reviews

I don't know why I waited so long to give AgateTurtle a kudos, but here we are :/ Anyway, Agate is really fun to RP with. I look forward to his replies and enjoy reading them no matter the length they may be. He plays his characters very well and moves the plot forward beautifully. If you ever get the chance, don't miss the opportunity to RP with this guy! :D Creative ideas Wonderful writer - AliRevellian
Easy to get along with. Patient and understanding. - Abigail_Austin

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