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Hey folks.

I'm an artist, roleplayer, and gamer.

Oh yeah, and I think the world is an amusing place. Everything can be funny if served on the right dish.


Rave Reviews

It occurred to me recently that I've known this fellow for over a decade and we've been creative minds growing and learning together through much of that time. It's been a delight to know him and a greater delight to recognize that we are an example of lasting friendships through the written word. His characters (which he should share more of here) are unique and full of life, his art creative and unique, and his personality eternally honest and endearing. Highly Recommended. - Tar
I haven't seen a lot of kelpies and this guy takes the cake. I haven't even roleplayed with him and I already know it'd probably be really fun.

This is a really developed character with lots of nifty refs and information. C: - Majordomo

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    Truly a swiss army knife of a writer.

    With character designs that whiplash through the entire spectrum of the human (and inhuman) condition, this fella has the right character for the right world for the right moment - every time.

    I've known the doctor for a literal decade, and I can say without reservation that he is a fantastic person to write with, to meme with, and to dream with. If you can manage to crack open this geode of an RPer, there's nothing but pure magic inside. Kind and understanding Creative ideas
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