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Hello! I'm a RPG refugee and I'm hope to find good rps here!

Update: 27.03.2020

Hi, so I am dealing with a few family stuff, mainly illnesses in the family which does not have a happy ending. If I take too long to reply, or fall off the face of the Earth for a few months then it's probably because I have turned my attention towards my family, or I am just in a very deep dump that I have to climb out of. And because of the Covid-19, the bad and hurt feelings are made worse since I can't visit my family, so if I don't respond then just send me a hi, or hello since I sometimes forget to even roleplay.

I hope everyone is doing alright in these trying times and remember to wash your hands!

One thing that you should know about me is that I will be slow at times. There will be days where you will get multiple replies a day and some where you get one or none. If I don't reply after a while, it doesn't mean I don't want to to rp with you. It means I don't have time to reply or I have forgotten all about it. If I don't want to rp with you anymore, I will tell you.

I've been rping since 2013 and I mainly do oc rps, but I can do rps with characters from animes or movies. I can do rps with sexual and mature content, but as long as it's not all about sex; it'll be fine.

Rave Reviews

This is way overdue but Aggy is probably one of the most sweetest and patient rp partners ever. On top of that she is a fantastic writer and her responses always rile some kind of emotion in me XD. I’m practically in love with all of her ocs too! She is a solid partner that you will not regret partnering with! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Thegreatunknown
Aggy has some of the best characters I’ve ever come across and had the privilege of rping with! Not only does she have interesting ideas and plots, but her characters are very well written and have unique traits to all of them. I love her writing style as well, it brings a sense of mystery when building something for the plot. Each time I see a reply from her I get so excited! I can’t recommend her enough! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Crystaldragon126

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