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Hello! I'm a RPG refugee and I'm hope to find good rps here!

Update: 27.03.2020

Hi, so I am dealing with a few family stuff, mainly illnesses in the family which does not have a happy ending. If I take too long to reply, or fall off the face of the Earth for a few months then it's probably because I have turned my attention towards my family, or I am just in a very deep dump that I have to climb out of. And because of the Covid-19, the bad and hurt feelings are made worse since I can't visit my family, so if I don't respond then just send me a hi, or hello since I sometimes forget to even roleplay.

I hope everyone is doing alright in these trying times and remember to wash your hands!

One thing that you should know about me is that I will be slow at times. There will be days where you will get multiple replies a day and some where you get one or none. If I don't reply after a while, it doesn't mean I don't want to to rp with you. It means I don't have time to reply or I have forgotten all about it. If I don't want to rp with you anymore, I will tell you.

I've been rping since 2013 and I mainly do oc rps, but I can do rps with characters from animes or movies. I can do rps with sexual and mature content, but as long as it's not all about sex; it'll be fine.

Rave Reviews

I've have been rping with Agg1231 for sooo long now. I am ashamed I have not already given her kudos. She is a wonderful person doc, very understanding and a great writer and storyteller. Defiantly hit her up. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - ladywarth231992
Aggy is a fun person, and I enjoy our roleplay. She is creative and is full of ideas. You should see her list of toons! Her character Dawn is adorable and I find myself smiling at his innocence. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Novus

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