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Hello and welcome fam pull up a chair cause I'ma lay down some stuff

lack of motivation is something I struggle with and may take a while to respond but I will never ditch an Rp right in the middle of it unless it's like weird shit I don't like.

Im not trans I just like how the flag looks hehe, however, I'm not a very masculine person I'm a sissy boy with the fashion sense of a Jojo bizarre adventure character I will be wearing overalls over a yellow raincoat cause I think it makes me look cute.

I am physically and mentally fit and always a happy dude to be around I don't drink or smoke and often come off as immature

If I was an anime character my theme would be "Gold" By Spandau Ballet cause I'm that kinda dude

I have ADHD and slight dyslexia so if I take forever to respond please please give me a bump or something I wanna get better at my response time

I'm currently studying to be a marine biologist I won't talk about it too much unless I and you become like super good bro's or something

Inquiring minds want to know why we too should befriend Agoodboi!

Did you remember to explain why your friend is awesome?

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