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My "name" is Giles Fianis Ahrun [Gee-les fee-anis ahrun] and I've been into fighting RP'ing since the 2003 as far I can renember... I've been into pro-wrestling since I joined a now defunct IRC RP'ing group called Furry Fight Farm untill I moved to the still active Furry Wrestling Alliance in 2005.

During all those times I've learned to not roleplay a wrestling match (or any kind of fighting) with getting a win on your mind. This kind of scenario usually leads to some powergaming and the fight certainly will become a bore (except for the powergamer :P). Not that I'm not into a competitive fighting roleplaying (far from that).

Instead I usually go for what I call "Colaborative Fighting" where me and the other player discuss how the fight should flow, if my "opponnent" wants to perform or suffer a certain move/hold/strike. And even who should win. This kind of roleplay is even better if a fight is happening in a public space (like in a open IRC Channel or a Dream in Furcadia). It's nice to discuss how to make the fight not entertaining only to the players directly involved but for the people who's watching the match as well.

Despite getting involved with pro-wrestling roleplaying groups druring more than 10 years, I'm into NHB fights as well and boxing. But I'm definitively into the first two fighting styles.

Rave Reviews

OH... MY... GOSH! Ahrun is so much fun to RP with! Not only are his RPs engaging, his characters are absolutely beautifully crafted! And, he's an epic person simply to talk with! Love ya, hun! We gotta RP more! - DianaLocke
If there is one person I've grown to like a lot during this year it's this person right here. I've no idea on how this year would have been without meeting them, so Ahrun is definitely up there on the list of 'most important people of the year'. Bro material here, has a good sense of humor and is over all a nice and open-minded person. Got no good words on describing them, Ahrun is just that good, you can't grasp their true form but when you get there it's pure Awesome - Reima

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