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Current Writing Partners:

Current Response Rate for One-on-One RP: 1-3 days

Current Response Rate for Quest Connection Forum Games: 1-4 days

Hello there! I'm Anne.

My available time comes and goes. At the moment I am only tentatively seeking new one-on-one stories but I have a roster of characters available to view and you're welcome to message me about them if you wish. I normally prefer to build new characters to suit the needs of a partner rather than recycling others but the ones visible here may give us a great place to start.

Most of my available time at the moment is taken up with running and maintaining The Quest Connection, which is a group here on RPR that runs pathfinder and D&D campaigns. If you're interested in joining in, feel free to visit the group page!

Prospective Partners:

I tend to write responses on the lengthier side (4-10 paragraphs, depending on what comes to mind) but I don't necessarily expect a partner to keep up that kind of pace. Sometimes ideas just flow and I like to let the muses take the reins when they have a mind to steer. My usual rate of responses fluctuates depending on my work schedule, but getting at least a reply every day or two is normal. Unfortunately, I'm not able to keep pace with folks who need several posts in a day with any consisitency. It's possible for me to do that every once in a while but not all the time.

You won't see ads up from me all that often. Usually I prefer to dig around in other people's prompts for interesting ideas and then work from there. That doesn't mean that I dislike plotting; Quite the opposite, in fact! I just happen to enjoy working from a prompt. I'm particularly fond of sci-fi, cyberpunk, post-apoc and other futuristic settings for one-on-one RP. I struggle very much to stay interested within modern day slice of life stories so you probably won't find me there.

I will only write adult stories with adult characters and I prefer to write female characters in straight/hetero pairings. Sometimes I am willing to relax that for long-term partners that I am comfortable with.

Keeping in touch via messenger or discord is paramount for good story plotting. I prefer to work here on RPR at first but I'm willing to give out discord info for OOC chatter. Definitely prefer to do the actual writing here though.


Rave Reviews

Aine is a kind soul. When we speak, I feel less like crying. She is uplifting and calm; it's admirable. Her tabletop map-making is also top-notch and her story improvisation is very subtle. Each story piece feels like a well prepared story, yet has room for flexibility. I am joyful to be a part of their gaming group. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Miss
Quest mom is amazing! Not only is she a great GM that can weave storylines and play multiple characters simultaneously, she also has excellent leadership skills and a great sense of humor. Also, almost more importantly, I have to give her mad props for teaching me how to make lentils that don’t taste like utter crap. It’s not often that a dish reminds you of someone. Great life advice in general! Cheers! Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - MordosKull

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