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Hello there! I'm Anne.

At the moment, due to time constraints I am not actively looking to start up any new one on one style RP. I have a roster of characters available to view and you're welcome to message me about them if you wish, but please be aware that I may turn down requests if I think I can't keep up with them.

Most of my available time at the moment is taken up with running and maintaining The Quest Connection, which is a group here on RPR that runs pathfinder and D&D campaigns. If you're interested in joining in, feel free to visit the group page!

For my current writing partners: My schedule and available time is very unpredictable right now. If you've sent me a post and I haven't responded within a week, please feel free to send me a private message and remind me--I won't take offence and I appreciate your patience. If it's been a while longer, please do drop me a message and let me know. Taking care of the Quest Connection often floods my inbox with messages and sometimes regular RP gets pushed out of sight and missed. If you have connected with me via discord or email, that is always a more reliable way to reach me than through the PM system here on RPR. Thank you in advance for understanding!

Current Response Rate for One-on-One RP: 7-14 days

Current Response Rate for Quest Connection Forums: 5-9 days

Rave Reviews

Words do not do Aine justice. I have been RPing with her for a couple months now and within that short time she has become a very good friend. She is an amazing writer, has great ideas, is fun to plot with and talk to! I look forward to all of our adventures to come. - Cyrotronix

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