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Tis but a dream...

Hello, I am Aisling. I have been in an out of roleplay play-by-post for 20 years now. Like many, a lot has happened to me over the last few years. I am a domestic abuse survivor learning how to live life again and get back on my feet as an self sufficient independent adult. I am definitely on the upswing thanks to a wonderful man accidently stepping into my life at the worst time under not so great circumstances. Both of us are healing together.
  • я немного знаю русский
  • Worldbuilder
  • Character Designer
  • World and Character coach for all writing
  • Graphic Design, Designer and Illustrator
  • Front End Developer hobbyist
  • Have a cat named Pickle
  • Liver of real life

My disclaimer is... I definitely have full focus on my real life goals and responsivities; roleplay comes absolutely last on my list. Weekends are sacred to my relationship; morning and mid-day are dedicated to employment. So when I write it will likely be in the evenings only when I have opportunity.

My Style
I write 3rd person, pas tense, flexing from 300-1000 words depending on post and muse. I am very detailed in writing complex characters with attention to environmental worldbuilding details and even NPCs. I believe the term is "literate" and "novella" to basically describe, but I dislike both of these words and you are free to message me to ask why!
I do prefer writing with those who match at least 300 words a post with depth and ability to move a story forward equally.

Typically, I write male characters, but rarely I will write female.
I write in most all Genres if I am interested in it at the time, or there is a compelling, exciting story.

I write goal oriented - meaning I do not just throw characters together, but rather, I prefer collaborating ideas behind the scenes on where the characters are going individually and set a goal for a thread for a scene end when it is completed. Upon completing we check in to chat and then part ways or begin discussing the start of the next scene to build the story. This is a great method to see how well writers mesh together and we don't have to worry about ghosting issues if we know where the goal is for the scene to end.

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