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Hello^.^ And Welcome to my profile! Names Wolfie, or at least this is what anyone who actually knows me calls me, even my sisters! Iam a pretty outgoing person. Please feel free to browse my page and if you have any questions or simply just want to chat feel free to drop me a line!


Pronouns-She/her, they/them

I have been in and out of the role-playing world many times over My years and I've got to say my love to create, build and write a story, make connections and further my characters lives is what drives me. I am yes specific in how I role-play and what I'll rp but if one is willing to build a story or world with me I'd be open to endless possibilities!

Two of my roleplay worlds-

For romance rps i will only do FxF parings!

I rp in first, second and or thrid person. I match my partners lenght in posts.

I have this on here already but seems i need to make it clear i will NOT roleplay with any male or male like characters when it comes to romance or smut rps.

I will not rp with anyone under 18, iam an adult and wish to only roleplay with adults. Thanks!

Taken OCs-

Rp favs-
Wolf roleplays
World building
Long term stories

Fav cannon rps-
The 100
Once upon a time
Star wars
The feed
Elena undone
Wynonna erp
Dc legends
The magicians
Of shadow and bone
The umbrella Achedmey
Tokyo goul
The dritz series
Wolf children

Work sec- Starting work again next week, with kids, work, saving to move my rp times will change to only sundays and mondays evenings EST times.

Rp/ooc donts:
Charater control
Death of my OC
Anything anti LGBTQ+
Anything raciest/sexiest/bigoted
No forced scenes of anykind
No excessive gore
No vore/scat play
No age play

Iam a very easy going person, please be kind, respectful and understanding.

If ever unsure of how a scene will go or an idea for plot contuineation please always ask.

I post status updates pretty regularly and i operate in EST US time.


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Wolves (played by Akali_Fang)
So far I'm amazed at how good their writing is, they never fail to impress me! They Have always made an effort to reply and Help those Get better at what they are struggling at. Im Proud to have them as a Member of my RP Group! Thank You! Helpful Wonderful writer - Taz
I write with Akali for done time now and we have even 2 rp ongoing! I like her characters and will continue to create stories and worlds with her! She knows where to push the plot forward or where to just slow it down. Just check her out, you won't regret creating a story with her :D Creative ideas Long-term partner - EagleBearer

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