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There’s nothing particularly interesting or spectacular about me! But what I will say is that I’ve been role-playing (and writing in general...Though I’ve lost most of my motivation and muse for writing actual books) since around 2003. I’ve had a handful of OCs in the past, but I’m particularly a canon-character role-player (but sometimes I do have an idea that I just have to make into an OC), so I hope that isn’t a problem!

In the past, I was an erotic role-player, which I will admit. However, as it stands, I'm no longer interested in those sorts of stories...

To put a few random things about myself: I enjoy coffee to a very high degree, I enjoy an occasional read, and my interest is usually in classic literature, or things just written long ago in general. I also enjoy video games, with my current enormous interest being Genshin Impact!

If I think of anything else worth putting here, maybe I’ll put it! Oh, yeah....If you want to call me something, here’s a few: Red (not my actual name, but it’s something that’s stuck) Ruby or you can just call me by the name of one of my characters if you want to do that.


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