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I am learning that I tend to utilize primary characters that are broken in some way. Trying to amend past deeds, cope with mental illness, or adjust to drastic new life changes. If any of those will be an issue, please let me know! I am happy to tone them down as much as possible, but will not be willing to eliminate them entirely.

I would, however, absolutely consider creating a new character without said traits if at all possible. So please, do not be shy about communicating.

A little about me:

I am a long time story-writer who has only recently started getting more serious about it. I do work full time, so while I am getting more into writing it does still remain a hobby. As a result, I am unlikely to be able to reply same or next day very often.

I write almost exclusively in third person, past tense, semi-omniscient. That doesn't mean it is the only way I will write, but it does mean it's what I prefer. I try to always be wiling to explore other possibilities.

I am not going to be working with any anonymous profiles unless I know who is actually behind them. I am sure the number of underage people using these is incredibly low, but I am just not taking any chances whatsoever on this. If you still want to use one of your anonymous profiles, I do require that your main profile be included in the conversation for this reason. I can promise I don't judge anyone for what characters they have. Orientation, Anthro, Villain, or any other potentially embarrassing type I am not thinking of will all be equally welcomed by me.

That being said, I personally do not do many fandom stories. Not a judgement or anything, they just don't grab my attention at all. I may be willing to make small exceptions for completely original stories and characters in a fandom setting. Not a promise, but something that I could be open to.

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