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Hea, you useless lesbian.
INFJ-T | Southern | Homoflexible



↪️ I'm an adult - you should be too.
↪️ I have no interest in your OOC drama or cliques.
↪️ HOWEVER, how I feel about you personally is not relevant to our roleplay. I do not ostracize anyone.
↪️ I know that I can come off as brash. I don't mean to, and if I'm being a dick, please tell me - I probably don't realize it.
↪️ My mental health is fragile at best. Yes, I have multiple diagnoses. Sometimes sitting down and roleplaying can be hard for me. Please understand that.
↪️ I roleplay almost exclusively on discord. I am open to PM scenes on here.

Standard Procedures

↪️ Communication is key. I can understand taking a long while to post, due to life or whatever happens. However, I do ask that you keep in contact with me - I try to do this for my partners as much as possible. In the event that I do something that you do not like, please talk to me about it. I can't read minds, especially over the internet. Or, even if a plot is not going as you wished/you're losing interest. Please do not ghost me.
↪️ Pairings and plots are not guaranteed. I treat my characters as their own beings. I will not force my children to act out of character for OOC goals. IC actions will have IC consequences, or if you completely neglect our characters' relationship, this will also have consequences. I do not subscribe to the idea that once together, always together in rainbows and sunshine. Pairs of any sort will have conflict. I live for IC drama.
↪️ I am a neutral party. In the event that you have beef with one of my friends or partners, I am not going to take sides by default. I will look at things objectively from either viewpoint, and make my assumptions there. Please don't assume that if you're bickering with my friend that I'm out to get you.

Rave Reviews

Hea, Hea! I've known this woman for a super long time, longer than any of the friends I've made from TGT and NV, we met just after my furc rp start in Feral Yellowstone! We use to log in and entertain each other day after day on our Zuet Hekogs in a community called Redwood Ravine. I especially miss some of our funniest days but I'm sure we've more ahead. I'll have to sit down and really focus on remaking Aka so that we can continue their story, growth, and development as characters. - Mars
Bethel (played by Alessa)
Ever got that best friend you simply can't get rid of? That is Bethel, she is the ride-or-die beeyotch of Kingsley; a woman that once was intimate with my own only to ghost and come back as a inescapable best friend who appears and photobombs every opportunity that my character has with her s/o. Bethel to me represents a very hard working, rough and tumbling woman who takes no flak and is wonderful to interact with. - Clove

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