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So, I've debated on what to put here for a long time. Talking about myself isn't all that easy, so I guess I've actually been kind of avoiding this. The details of my life? Eh, kinda boring really. Besides, that's not really why anyone comes to these kinds of pages. You want to learn about roleplay stuff, right?

So, first things first. Rules.


Yeah, I know, not the most enjoyable thing in the world. But hear me out, this won't be as bad as you think. Because honestly, I'm not big on rules. I'm a pretty chill guy, or at least I think so. So other than normal common sense stuff, I doubt we'll ever have any discussions about it. Bottom line; treat me like a person, and I will do the same in kind.

Next item on the agenda: crossovers. Now, I know I've stated this somewhere before. Yes? Maybe? I dunno, point is, I love them. Crossovers have actually been my main form of roleplaying for the past few years. So I'm not one to shy away from putting my character into a different character's universe, so feel free to approach me if you want to try one. And I have roleplayed in a lot of different places, so no place is too out there in my opinion. So yeah, bring on the crazy. Anything from Legend of Zelda to Final Fantasy, Dragon Age to Mass Effect and more. I'm up for practically anything. So long as we can make it work, nothing is too strange, and everything is on the table. Of course, I don't think I'm that good of a writer to make any character fit in any verse. So if it really doesn't make sense, I don't want to try and force a story. If it's not something you think will really work, just let me know, and I'll understand.

Now, next item. I love coming up with ideas.


Generally, it's a two-way street with the person I'm writing with, but if I feel really good about a story, I could basically spearhead the whole plot. But I'm not one who doesn't listen to the ideas of others and goes with whatever he wants, so if you've got ideas or even a whole new direction for a story, share them. Never be afraid to pitch ideas with me.

Another thing to keep in mind is that I'm not going to change my character for a story. Meaning I won't write them differently than how they already are. I won't have sudden loss of powers for no good reason, I won't change their personality because someone doesn't like it, etc. To me, that's just another form of controlling my character, which is not something I like. I've had people in the past break off a roleplay/discussion because of reasons like that, so I'm just putting this down as a heads-up.

I'm not against romance or any erotic scenes that may come out of said romance. But there are some things to be aware of regarding my views. I'm okay with romance in stories, but that's where they'll stay. I'm not someone who believes in pairing off roleplay characters like they're in an actual relationship. I usually tend to write out erotic based scenes and not fade to black, though that's not in any way set in stone. I'm more than willing to just fade to black if my roleplay partner is uncomfortable with that kind of thing.

For now, that's really all I've got. But if I ever need to add more to this page, I will. So until that point, let's just roleplay and have some fun, alright?


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Ragna is a good writer. He knows how to move the story along at a good pace. He also keeps things interesting. Ragna has a lot of good ideas that can work in a variety of settings. I always look forward to when I get a reply from him. Give him a chance. - Krispythekritter
Ragna has been a good friend of mine for a few years now. He always has a meme ready and available should you ever require one. He works hard to keep the stories interesting and move things along. Ragna is easy to talk with and I have always enjoyed what we have written together. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Krispythekritter

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