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I like my RP like I like my wine; thick, rich and dark. Give me those quality posts of, at a bare minimum, 50+ words please, I feel like that's a perfectly reasonable minimum. I'm pretty into free-form and stat-based RPs both though I am not married to any particular stat system. I have a tendency to play tall Caucasian-adjacent hetero-adjacent male characters because... I'm a tall, Caucasian, gynesexual (attracted to female and female-seeming individuals) male.

I'm perfectly fine with 18+ RP provided it follows the preference stated above and I absolutely love adventure/action heavy stories. I've even once spent a full year RPing (among other RPs, of course) a fight scene with one of my off-site RP friends. We only noticed how long it drug on 400+ posts in.

I like my RPs long-running, but will happily make a one off with you provided we establish that early on.

I have a sporadic activity rate but you can expect roughly 3 posts a week minimum out of me bar unforeseen circumstances.

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