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(The icon is not my art. I just like AJR)

Greetings! I'm AliRevellian (Revellian is my pen name), but you can call me Ali, Revellian, or AJ (my initials are actually AJR), whichever works! I am a transgender male (proudly), and all you people in the LGBTQ+ community... I love you :) Keep being you!

I am agnostic atheist (and grew up Catholic in a Christian conservative family :/), so please, I don't like talking about religion and stuff and I hate when people try to change my views forcefully. Please leave me be ;-;

I'm an author, a guitarist, an artist, and I'm also good at comedy and acting. I am self diagnosed in a few realms of mental health, so I can't say for certain, and it's nothing secret and if something makes me uncomfortable, I'll let you know. ;) And I won't say I have anything for sure, because self-diagnosis isn't accurate.

I also have severe scopophobia, so please, I don't enjoy stalking jokes. I know it's a joke, but it scares me anyway. It can give me anxiety attacks from those simple jokes just because of how bad the fear is. Other than that, most jokes are cool with me (as long as they aren't discriminating against a certain group of people).

I am also a Slytherin.

I mainly RP medieval fantasy, battle, and adventure, as I do best in those realms. I am not incredible at romance, but I try to better myself. I also don't do fan RPs. The only exception I would have is Star Wars or Marvel. I write 1-5 paragraphs usually, and no one-liners. If I do a one-liner, I'm either bored, tired, or don't know how to continue forward with the plot. I don't care how long your posts are, but it's not very fun for me with consistent one-liners. I also live in EDT, so... yeah. America is boring. I try to respond as quick as I can. As Kevin Hart says... 'It can take me anywhere between 0.02 seconds and 3 days to reply to a text'.

I like meeting people and making friends, so feel free to PM me if you want! :) I'm pretty talkative, always try to fool around and joke around because I love making people laugh. I try to keep my problems to myself, so you won't commonly find me complaining about them ^^; But feel free to talk to me about stuff in your life, I don't mind. I'm not good at comfort and support, and have a lot of trouble feeling empathy, but I'll try my best :D >>> Also, watch this funny video

Rave Reviews

I have not RPed with him long, but his post are just beautiful. They are filled with fantasy and wonder, and his characters are just so well mapped out. I can honestly say that I look forward to continuing our RP and seeing how it unfolds.
Absolute legend, this guy! 🖤🖤 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - AdoniVae
Ali has great characters and long, descriptive replies. It's very fun to talk to and roleplay with him. I would recommend roleplaying with him if you're interested. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Primrose-Chan

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