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Guten tag, I’m AliRevellian - but you can call me Ali, Rev, or Revellian. I’m always open to new nicknames too.
Yes, I know I’ve rewritten my profile about a million times, but hopefully this will be the last time. First things first, I don’t accept random friend requests. It’s nothing personal, I just like my friend list to be nicely organised. But anyone is totally free to message me about RP or if you just want to talk.
My RP style is pretty flexible for the most part. My favourite genres are psychological horror, dystopian sci-fi, and modern/medieval fantasy. I’m also a fan of more historical fiction RPs. I do not write one-liners and I want my RP partner to do the same. Again, nothing personal, but I prefer 1-3 paragraphs at the very least. More rules, likes, and dislikes can be found here.
I really like music (my two favourite bands are on the opposite ends of the spectrum - AJR and Slipknot) and hockey. My favourite hockey team is the Seattle Kraken. And, of course, I love writing and sharing my stories with people. Please message me for music recommendations, hockey talk, or story/character rants.

"My 'people skills' are 'rusty'."

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Detailed sexual things (fade to black and innuendo is fine) and most kinks, food/eating, anatomy details, stalking, pedophilia, nausea

Starter Example
New York City, New York, New York Biomedical Studies - 8:00 PM

In honour of the 20 year anniversary of NYBMS, the organisation was holding a banquet open to the entire public of New York City. At this banquet, they also announced that they would be publicly recognising two scientists who had been outstanding in their work in the past months.The banquet was set up like that of any, in the big general area of the building. There were four floors that were open to tours, but limited to what rooms were open, as lab equipment wasn’t permitted to be touched by non-authorised personnel. There were well over 300 people in the building considering the fact that NYBMS had been big in the talk of the city for a while now ever since their breakthrough in blood-related diseases that were, before, not well known.

Most of the NYBMS workers were there, yet some were still absent due to other events going on. Around the large banquet area, there were posters of two men - two scientists who were to be recognised that night. Those two men were Kreed Krofton and Darius Brock. The two of them could be found wherever there was a large crowd of people, as the two of them were huge benefactors to the breakthrough. They had become very well respected because of that, though Kreed Krofton in particular, was already very highly respected by the general populous of NYBMS.

The banquet went along just as planned, and around 9 PM, the CEO of NYBMS, Hector Adamthwaite, stepped up onto the small stage set up they had made, where banners of the two proclaimed scientists stood on each side. He tapped the mic to get the peoples’ attention, and gave a small wave with a paper in his hand.

“Thank you all for coming tonight and for your continued support of NYBMS. We greatly appreciate all that you guys do for us and we are overjoyed to publicly recognise these two outstanding men. If you please, give a round of applause for Doctors Kreed Krofter and Darius Brock!” he began the applause, gesturing both scientists up to the stage. Kreed stood taller than Darius and Hector, and he was instantly recognisable for his charismatic appearance on a lot of advertisements for NYBMS. “These two- hell, they are like sons to me at this point. I don’t know where we would be without the two of them, and I am more than honoured to be standing with them. They have made such a huge impact on NYBMS and I do hope they will continue working with us through the rough territory of our studies.”

Hector went on for about another two minutes about his appreciation for Krofton and Brock as well as explaining to the people all they had done for the organisation. He eventually moved aside to allow both Krofton and Brock to give their thanks to the people and to Hector for the support and within moments, there were a few news reporters calling out questions to the two men. While they didn’t have the time to answer all the questions, they did enough to prove that they were listening to what the people had to say, which was something that NYBMS stood for.

The banquet went on as planned, and lasted until about 11 PM. However, Krofton didn’t stick around for that whole time. Right after he and Brock got off stage, he grabbed his jacket and left the establishment, making his way past the crowds and the people trying to ask him questions. He kept on his signature smile of thanks and charisma, but excused himself from the premises.

Walking down the road, Krofton kept his eyes on the path in front of him, his natural leader aura telling people he had somewhere important to be. His gait was quick, making it clear that he was wasting no time in getting to where he was going, and he eventually wound up at an apartment complex. He rang the bell to one of the top floors, asking for a woman named Karly Right. After a minute of two, a young woman with dark hair and tanned skin stepped out of the apartment to see Krofton.

“Dr. Krofton,” she said, shutting the complex door behind her. “I-If you’re still mad, I can make it up to you. I promise.”

Kreed lowered his voice in an attempt for only Karly to hear. It was likely only she would, considering how the people of NYC were inclined to just mind their own business. “I’m not looking for you to ‘make it up to me,’ Right. I want one of two things from you.”

Krofton took Right’s arm and pulled her into the alleyway. He didn’t seem like the kind man he had been before. Karly ripped her arm from his grasp and glared up at him. “You know what? I’m not even sorry. I know what you’re doing and you want me to stand by and watch you get publicly recognised for excellence. What you’re doing is hurting people. I know, I’ve seen your work. What the hell is your goal here, Ross Gallie?”

Kreed’s eyes grew dark in fury and he pulled her away behind a fire escape where they couldn’t be easily seen by passing pedestrians. “I don’t want to hear that name from your damned mouth again, Right. I am saving people.”

Saving isn’t killing-!

Karly was met with a hand clamped over her mouth by the angry Kreed. He pressed her against the wall. If looks could kill, his certainly would with the additional drilling through the head. “If you say a damned word to Adamthwaite about this, you know what will happen to you,” his eyes shifted to a light grey, seemingly staring into her soul. “You’re family is dead because of you, Right. Don’t call me a murderer when you’re the one who left them six feet under. You could have saved them-”

“You don’t know about-”

“YOU COULD HAVE SAVED THEM. but you stood to the side and you watched them die. Do you want that secret out? Do you?”

Karly’s eyes welled up with tears as she stared at Kreed in fury. Though she shook her head anyway. “Good,” Kreed answered, moving away from her a bit. “Then I don’t want to hear anything about me ‘killing people’. You know too much, Karly. Way too much. I shouldn’t have let you be my intern. I can’t believe I was stupid enough to look past your intelligence. I should have known. But now I’ll never have to hear your wretched voice again. Have fun in hell with the rest of your beloved.”

Kreed pulled a knife from his jacket, and covered Karly’s mouth before he stabbed her seven times in the chest and stomach, leaving her to bleed out to death in the alleyway he fled from.

Reply Example
Estevan sure wouldn't get rid of her. Leaving Voca Sanguis wasn't something a person could so simply do. In fact, it was a long time rule that once you're in you may never leave. A lot of people had tried and they had been killed. That was because Voca Sanguis was strict about nobody outside of Voca Sanguis knowing its location and the people a part of it. Estevan was in the grey area on this rule, and more loose on it - if he could be given a good reason from a person why they should leave, he would let them go. If not, he'd have no choice but to kill them.

But, no, he wouldn't get rid of Ella. Even if that rule didn't exist. He heard what she said though and didn't give a response until they got to medical. He looked at her as they stood outside the door, crossing his arms. "Look," he said with a stern look and tone of voice - very Estevan-esque. "I can't have you dying on us, alright? Seriously, you need to ****ing get help because there's going to be a point where I can't do anything about this anymore. I'm not expecting some magical occurrence so you just happen to no longer be suicidal when you wake up, but you have to be open to the people trying to help you here. You aren't going to get into a hitmen base and be expected to be cared about, because that's not what it's about, but when you're within these walls, it's expected that protection is provided for everyone. Do you understand?" He didn't even wait for her response to that before pushing open the medical door and snapping towards the medics, gesturing sharply to Ella.

Chandler was walking back from tech with a cardboard box in his arm with bolts, wires, and such that were either broken and not usable, or they simply had no use for them. He jumped a bit at the sudden appearance of Tory, dropping a few metal plates and screws from the box. He quickly set the box on the ground as Tory spoke, grabbing the bits that had fallen. It seemed that his hands were shaky, as he dropped them again once he picked them up a couple times. He didn't let this faze him and he just picked them up once more to return them to their rightful place. Getting to his feet, lifting the box again, his eyes drifted to Tory's finally, meeting them directly.

"I don't think you truly understand that I am no help to Ella," he spoke monotonously, not letting even a sliver of emotion show through his voice or fiery eyes. "I'm not saying I don't care about her - I do - but it's out of my control. If anyone has a handle on it, it's The Vice. I doubt she will listen to me."

Now, Chandler wasn't so aware about how bad his turning away affected Ella. After all, he was deeply pained too because of the breakup and still couldn't fully get over it. The appeal of going back to her, hugging her and telling her that everything would be okay was often stronger than his mind, but he always found a way to refuse this want.



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when i first started rping with him, i thought it was too good to be true. thats why this kudos is lonnnng overdue. this guy is literally SO TALENTED LIKE- if you are not already rping with him, please do, it's so worth it. amazing character portrayal 10/10 do recommend :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - haneulseongie
Ali is a wonderful roleplayer and writer, for I have not been roleplaying with him for long, about a week now that we have, Alis' characters just touch your heart as well as his writing. Please, if you have the time of day, roleplay with him, he's wonderful to roleplay with and talk to! Drives the plot forward Fast responses - Berrystar

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