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PFP: Ahsoka Tano | INTP-T | Slytherin | Patronus: Nightjar | Guitarist | Trans man | Greyaromantic | Asexual | Gynesexual

Really confusing, but I'll give a two week example:

If the week is underlined, that means what week it is now

W1 Mon: 5:20-7:00 AM
Tues: 3:30-9:00 PM
Wed: 5:20-7:00 AM, 5:30-9:00 PM
Thu: 5:20-7:00 AM
Fri: 3:30-9:00 PM
Sat: Varies
Sun: Varies

W2 Mon: 5:20-7:00 AM, 3:30-9:00 PM
Tues: 5:20-7:00 AM, 3:30-9:00 PM
Wed: 5:20-7:00 AM, 5:30-9:00 PM
Thu: 5:20-7:00 AM
Fri: Varies
Sat: Varies
Sun: Varies, 6:30-9:00 PM

RP Status: PC is getting sent in to be repaired. There will be slow replies until I get it returned. That being said, I do not know when I am getting it back
Current Hyperfixation:Not sure how I can be hyperfixated on a video, but here
!!Warning: Master procrastinator!!
Hello! I'm AliRevellian! You can call me Ali, Revellian, or Rev... well... you can call me anything (I love my nickname, Kiwi too). At this point, no nicknames are weird. My Discord is Revellian#5910 so there's that.

🌌My time-zone is EST because eastern America I guess🌌

RPR is like a home to me and I really enjoy the site, and I'll usually be able to reply everyday. I like making new friends and starting new RPs so if something on my profile interests you, no need to be scared to PM me. I promise I don't bite!

Also, don't take it personally if I don't reply! I'm 95% sure I haven't forgotten, but if it would put you more at ease, you can feel free to remind me (as long as I haven't given you a reason for my absence and you've made sure it's nothing to do with my schedule). I'm not self diagnosing, but I'm pretty sure I have ADHD and DPDR, so those two could be holding me back as well. I could also be trying to think of a reply or get through a writer's block. If you do remind me, don't be surprised when I reply with tons of 'sorrys'. Some trauma (mental/emotional) has caused me to apologize for absolutely everything. On that note, I'm also pretty sensitive, but won't usually say if you hurt my feelings. Please watch your words!

I don't like one-liners and if a RP drops down to that, I will quickly (very quickly) lose interest. I like to have at least two paragraphs, but if makes my day if there are more. But since we're on the topic of actual RP, I should inform you of my preferences. I am aro/ace... this DOES NOT mean I don't like any type of romance. Mostly anything goes, but my triggers are down below so please look at those. I write in third person, and don't usually have any issues if you don't. I am pretty much open to any RP type at this point. The only thing I'm unsure about is slice of life. That bores me far too much. I need a twist on things. Ergo, I love angst, gore, and combat of any type. I usually want at least some of this in a RP so I can maintain interest. My all time favorite genres are medieval fantasy, dystopian sci-fi, and horror. No need to ask me about any of that. It will always be a yes. I like romance alright but there needs to be some more to the plot. Not saying that a let alone romance RP is a no, I just don't like constant romance, perfection, and happiness. There's gotta be rough patches and bumps in the road.

That being said, I have no specific preference for gender pairings, but I don't play AFAB characters as well as AMAB ones (Avessia is a huge exception to this) so be prepared for that if I play an AFAB character (which is rare).

Do's ✔

Angst. Need I further explain myself?
Gore. I do love some of that.
Fight scenes. Whether it be physical or verbal, I love fighting.
Character development. Because shouldn't this always happen?
Paragraphs. Adds more detail. I love me some detail.
Don't's ✖

God-modding. I'm fine with overpowered characters, but they have to have a flaw or weakness. Don't come at me with a character with no weakness at all and can't possibly be killed.
One-liners. Boooooorrrrrrrrring.
Overly victimized characters. Please don't make your character the victim of everything. It's annoying in real life and unreal life.
Unstoppable suicide. You can have a character have the want to do this, but please please don't keep making them try over and over and not listen to anyone else trying to help them. I get that it is a real life situation, but it's extremely annoying to RP and makes me want to quit replying.
Self deprecation. By this I mean too much character self deprecation (and also your own self deprecation). I get some people don't like themselves and stuff like that, but when it's all you talk about IC or OOC, it does get really annoying. And sometimes (only sometimes) it sounds like the victimizing thing. I don't like it. Please don't do this. And if you feel this way, you need to talk to a professional about it. Some random dude you don't even know on a roleplaying forum can't help you.
Romance RPs that are JUST romance. Come on, guys. This isn't fun at all! Romances have their bumps and bruises. It can't just be romance all the time. Sometimes I'll try to get my character to do something so bad just to break the non-stop romance. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS WITH AN 'It's okay, I still love you' and leave it at that. It's annoying, it's boring, and I most likely won't want to RP anymore.
Pester/force replies. I do not care who you are. I also don't care how much you love our RP. If I'm not replying to you I HAVE A REASON. And, by god, if you force me to reply, that only makes me feel worse. And ALSO if my profile says I'm not active then I'M NOT ACTIVE!! I take breaks too. RPing shouldn't feel like a job to me, so please don't make it seem like it is.
Control my characters. This should really go without saying and I really hate that I have to add this on here. But if you do this, one: it makes me extremely mad and uncomfortable, and two: you will not get a reply back from me. I'll give you a warning once - even if I feel like a warning for such an obvious rule shouldn't be necessary - but if you do it again, I won't reply. Not. At. All. The same rule applies for if it is a world/story I created. If you have ideas, ASK FIRST!! But don't try and change things up on your own. If I say it's indestructible, IT IS. If I say this side character dies, THEY DIE. Please, I am open to suggestions but don't just change things without permission.

-Band: Smash Into Pieces and Ice Nine Kills
-Song: Missing Piece by Vance Joy and Heavy Is The Crown by Daughtry
-Book: LOTR and The Hobbit. Specifics? Can’t choose
-Poem: The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service
-Movie: Secret Window (I also really like Coraline)
-Series: Tie between Gravity Falls and Clone Wars
-Anime: Yuri!!! On Ice & Death Note
-TV Theme: Game Of Thrones theme
-Time Era: The Medieval Period, Ancient Greece, Victorian Ages, and WWII (I am very willing to RP any of these)
-Holiday: Halloween
-Color: Red
-Animal: Cheetah. Always has been, always will be.
-Food: Ew no *food trauma*
-Drink: Uh, while I like coffee and tea I also really like orange juice and I don’t even know why
-Hobby: Writing and guitar
-YT Channel: Currently I love Forge Labs and unsorted guy but I also like TFIL and Graystillplays
-YT Rabbithole: TFIL Haunted Overnights
-Character: Ahsoka Tano (even before The Mandalorian) and Omega (Star Wars: Bad Batch)
-Superhero Universe: Marvel
-Hero: Iron Man, Deadpool (but he’s an anti-hero), Dr. Strange, Antman (don't judge me, he's funny)
-Villain: Loki, Joker (Heath Ledger preferably), General Grievous, Darth Maul, Hunter (TOH)

"It's every citizen's duty to challenge their leaders, to keep them honest, and hold them accountable if they're not"

🌌My Spotify Page!🌌

Detailed sexual things (fade to black and innuendo is fine), food/eating, anatomy details, stalking, pedophilia, mentions of sickness (the throwing up kind)

Starter Example
-Sunday, September 9th, 2057-
-White River National Forest, Silverthorne, Colorado-

Devla Orellia knelt down by the river, taking a small bowl made of wood out of her bag. They felt their hand around the ground until they felt the cold, rushing water. She carefully filled the bowl with water, getting back to her feet slowly afterward. She carefully made each step on the way back to the large pine tree. There was a path of stones they had left for a trail, and they walked along these, holding the bowl carefully so no water was spilled.

The stone path ended, and Devla crouched down to the ground, feeling for something. She found Archer’s arm, and gave a sly smile. He was hard to wake up, so she splashed the cold water onto him. He hissed a bit in shock, falling back a bit, shaken out of his sleep. He must have stayed up late last night. “Dev-!” he stopped, jumping to his feet, drying his hair with his jackets.

Devla looked up toward where they heard his voice and smirked. “You wouldn’t wake up. What do you want me to do?” they asked, slowly getting up too, hugging their arms around their torso, going on her toes then heels, and so forth.

“Well-” Archer sighed a bit, putting the jacket on and looking at Devla, who was shorter than he. Her black eyes… so empty. It must have been terrible to see nothing but darkness. And it was like they could still see him… they way they just knew where he was whether or not they could actually see him. “Well, you know how dangerous it is for you to go off on your own. I can’t risk you getting hurt again-”

At this, Devla’s smile faltered to a faint scowl. “I know how to do things on my own, Archer,” she said.

“I know you do, but if something happens to you, then it’s my fault, and-”

Devla’s scowl harshened. Before Archer could finish his sentence, they stomped off. They had a very thin temper… and Archer was really good at annoying them. With how independent Devla was, it was hard for him not to make her mad. He had to protect her, though. It was his job now. Archer rubbed his temples and went after them. “Dev, look, you know I’m only trying to protect you.”

Devla stopped in her tracks, fidgeting with the sleeves of her red button up she had draped over a t-shirt. “I know-” she choked a little on her words. For her whole life, no one cared about her enough to try and protect her. They had yet to get used to it. After a few seconds, they turned on their heels, and faced Archer. They found his hand and took a hold of it.

She was scared. She was so scared.

They had to leave this place now, though. The two of them packed the few things they had, and as they left the wooded area, Devla used a pocket knife to scrape a stick into a stake. Not that there were any vampires, but stakes could kill more than just blood-sucking monsters. Archer had long given up telling them they shouldn’t use knives because they couldn’t see what they were doing. She got cut a lot. It didn’t bother her anymore. She already had countless scars all over her.

Every step felt heavy, like the both of them didn’t want to keep going. It was so hard to keep going now. It had been years since the two ran from conforming to society. Ever since the Humaiteyes came into the picture, the real world went down. Devla couldn’t see it, but Archer could, and he would describe how everything looked to her sometimes. She always hated how it sounded.

Devla didn’t get much comfort from things anymore. Whittling was somewhat helpful, but not enough. It was never enough. The sounds of leaves and twigs crunching under her steps brought her memories of her old life… ones they wished to go back to. But she hated to ever think of walking with anyone but Archer right now. If their parents ever found them again, her life would just be over. They sighed through their nose, listening for Archer’s movements so they could follow him.

Reply example
But then... of course... there was that strange girl. Reverie kept thinking about her. And her wings. How confusing. He desperately wanted to know more about her. Would that be creepy? No, surely not. He assured himself it wasn't because it was an odd ordeal, but he also didn't see her as a person who was just allowed to do what she wanted. Her talking to Reverie may have gotten her into trouble. Well, maybe not. Maybe no one noticed, but Reverie didn't like the idea of her being punished because he was just far too curious about her.

There was some part of him that just wanted to help her though. He was leaving Earth soon anyway. He hated that, but there was nothing he could do about it. But he wanted to help her so bad. He had tried before, but she was mad about that. Maybe he should keep his distance?

No, his mind said to him as he looked up the wall surrounding the mansion he was able to find again. No, it would be the right thing to do. Yes, but he wasn't supposed to do the right thing. He scowled a bit. You know, who cares about the rules? He didn't. And she shouldn't. There was a 90% chance, Reverie assumed, that Juliet knew where her wings were. If he had the ability to help her escape with the wings, then she'd be okay, right?

How far would they have to go so the men don't follow? Reverie thought on this for a moment...

Belgium. That's it. Belgium. Across the ocean... not a big deal. It wouldn't be too hard to get to if they both could fly (if she fixed her wings. If not, he could help her). And Belgium was just about 1 hour and 40 minutes away from Aachen, Germany. Well, maybe that was why he chose Belgium more. Juliet could be far from her captors, but Reverie may also be able to find the three.

No, he wasn't allowed to. That was strictly against the rules. But, again, who cares about the rules? Besides, Satan wouldn't be able to find him in Belgium if he blended in, which he could do. He smiled slyly, and, with the black rose in his hands, teleported the flower into the mansion to wherever Juliet was. As a sign that she would hopefully understand.

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Rave Reviews

Ali has amazing and interesting characters with awfully descriptive bios. His replies are very expressive and show you exactly how the character is acting, thinking, feeling, etc. I always find myself smiling when his replies come in as I really enjoy reading them because they aren't so long that I get lost but are detailed enough for me to understand what he was saying. If you're looking for a good fantasy roleplay I would 100% recommend AliRevellian! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Primrose-Chan
Ali is a wonderful roleplayer and writer, for I have not been roleplaying with him for long, about a week now that we have, Alis' characters just touch your heart as well as his writing. Please, if you have the time of day, roleplay with him, he's wonderful to roleplay with and talk to! Drives the plot forward Fast responses - Berrystar

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