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Hi! I'm super new to this, one of my friends recommended it to me ( and I'm pretty excited. You can message me if you'd like. I am willing to do all sorts of rps, I love suggestions. Also for those who care, I'm a INFJ-T
- for the most part I would like to be call Alidal (ah-lee-dale or ah-lee-dahl)
- Ali (pronounced like "ally")
- you can come up with your own if you would like
Me- she/they/he, omni-romantic, asexual
Carrot- she/they, queer, asexual
Liam- he/they, bisexual
Ragnar- he/it, unknown
Virgil- he/they, gay
Examples of rps:
She groans and puts her head back. "Good gracious, could you just shut up? I'm trying to get some sleep." She picks up her toddler, who is crying his head off. "I can't wait for date night..." Suddenly she sees YC. "Oh. Hi. I guess Charlie invited you over?"

His hands shake as he sheathes his sword and curses to himself. "Sloppy... do better..." He turns his head around and widens his eyes at the sight of YC. "Oh. Hello." His cheeks go red. "Gods, youre- pretty." He shakes his head from embarrassment and approaches YC. "Do you like tea?"

I snuck up as quietly as possible, it was quite admirable, actually. But the human had no idea, so maybe I'm giving myself too much credit. Well, either way, they were dead now, so that's positively wonderful.

Once YC opens his door, they see him sitting crossed legged on his bed, watching Jacksepticeye. YC knocks on the door. He hears it, and turns to look at them. He sighs, rolls his eyes, and pauses the video. "What do YOU want?"
- I really dont care how "bad" you are or how much experience you've had. You want to try now and that's what matters.
- I dont have any of those fancy restrictions, your responses can be as long as you want them to be. As long as it's not just one sentence, of course.
-Please don't make the rp all about you. It should be a story about our journey, not your journey oh and also I'm there.
- Don't be mean. It's pretty self explanatory, no racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, etc. We're trying to have fun here, dont ruin it.
-Please no smut/sex scenes. Gore, murder, death, affection, and romantic tension are allowed.
Fandoms I will rp:
- mcyt, dream smp
- sanders sides
- god of high school
- maybe survivor?
- I might make LGBT jokes. if that bothers you, I apologize.
- For Liam, I might say or mention "gods" (plural), however I am Christian and only believe in one God.
- My messages or responses might be shorter than you expect. I don't feel the need to add more fluff to otherwise simple things.
- I may come across as rude or blunt ic or ooc in some situations, and I'm willing to listen to you vent if it made you uncomfortable.
- If I am not responding, I am probably just asleep, upset, or busy. Please don't get offended or upset.
This bio is a work in progress, I will probably add more later, but thanks for reading all of it!

Rave Reviews

Ali is amazing, usually fast reply’s, and pretty long posts. I love their character, Liam. They really act him out really well. I feel like this helps a little bit with my backstory of my character Rainn.

1,000 out of ten! Highly recommend. Kind and understanding Fast responses - Osris
My mind is drawing a blank here but I guess my favourite thing about Alidal's RP style is her character portrayal. They always have interesting things to say or do in response to my own character and it just makes it 10x more fun! I also love how she is at improvising plotlines when things get messed up or something is addressed incorrectly. She seems to be able to find ways to fix it somehow :)

Kudos, Alidal! <3 Creative ideas Fast responses - AliRevellian

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