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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: September 19

the name is Maddy |-/

//Warning--sometimes I'm overly sarcastic and can be a bit inactive//

I've been gone for a few months now, but I believe I'm back for a time. Personal problems aren't fun ):

So, I'll essentially roleplay about anything, and I don't really mind if it becomes in-depth or anything similar to that.

The fandoms that I am into include... Supernatural, Star Trek, Bandoms, Creepypasta, Les Misérables, Vikings, etc.

if you don't appreciate george blagden even a little bit, we can't be friends.

[NOTE: I've been really busy because of personal problems and family issues, so excuse my late replies, I'm trying my best to be on as often as I can.]

Rave Reviews

  • I love how she always finds a way to reply even if I don't do well and I really look forward to playing with her more and she is a must! I definitely encourage you to try her out! :D
    -- PhantomDrama
  • AllTimeVeilBros, or as I simply call her Veil, is an awesome rper. Her characters are well played out, and she doesn't fail to give me an okay response. ;3 I'd recommend rping with her character Rose. But Veil is definitely someone to rp with!

    -that person who has hypothetically killed you 5+ times :3
    -- Rhythm

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