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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: December 09

Timezone: GMT -10 (Honolulu time)

What's up, the name's Allyne.

Not all of my character profiles are finished, but they're all ready to play with! They're all developed to some degree or another, even if their profile is spare, so if you're interested in knowing more about them/RPing, just shoot me a message.

My RPing history

I started out in 2009... 2010? I'm not sure. In any case, it began with some fairly nonsensical script-style rp, when I didn't even know there was a name for what I was doing.
Eventually I came around to paragraph style roleplay, and with the help of some friends several roleplaying groups were created for a variety of settings and genres. In a couple short years roleplaying (and writing in general) took over my life. It's just about all I think about, these days. The thrill of exploring new worlds, building up societies and mythologies, and all the while interacting with another person who pulls in so much more than you could have ever thought up on your own, surprising you, making you laugh and cry... there's not anything else in the world I find more fun.

About my characters
I don't have many up on RPR, but I have many--I'll keep adding! And I am often up for improvising characters on the fly.

I am very particular about character profiles. I probably won't read yours very thoroughly, sorry. I dislike getting potential plot points, backstories, and personal secrets spoiled by the profile, when I could learn about them through the story instead! So I kind of incorporate that into my own profiles... I leave a lot out, to be discovered in the story.

These days I tend to enjoy fantasy, particularly medieval fantasy, a little more than other genres, but there is hardly anything I won't dip my fingers into if it catches my fancy... with a few exceptions.

My favorites genres: Historical, fantasy, crime, modern action

I am never interested in: Academy, animal or anthro, slave, smut, incest, and yaoi (I'll play characters who are of a variety of orientations, I just don't care for the "yaoi" style. It comes with a set of tropes and cliches that I just cannot get interested in.)

For anything I haven't mentioned, just ask. I love trying new things. :)

How I roleplay
If I had to give my RPs a rating, they'd probably be rated PG13-R for violence, sex, drugs, language, the whole shebang. Just don't confuse "sex" with "hardcore explicit". My philosophy, under most circumstances, is that "once the pants come off, we're skipping through the rest of it". Just... sex is really, really low on my list of rp priorities.

I play in a third-person paragraph style. I detest "minimums" while posting (eg: Always post eight lines or more!). That's not to say that I think it's acceptable to only write one sentence every post, but sometimes one sentence is the best way to write a post. So while I think it's a good rule to stick to several-sentence posts... sometimes rules are meant to be broken.

Style guide, I guess?
My posts pretty much look like this:

Regular narrative.
Narrative with emphasis.
<<Translated dialogue in a 'foreign' language.>> For use if my (often multi-lingual) characters have dialogue that I want understood, but also want to distinguish from their usual language of communication.

Every once in a while I might forget that I'm not on skype, where I usually roleplay, and I'll italicize like -this-, because skype doesn't support actual italics. So if you see -hyphens- all -over- the -damn- place, that's just me forgetting that I can actually use the italics tags.

What I look for in an RP partner
I like good grammar and a decent post length, but most of all I love plot! Someone who always has a few plot twists and secrets up their sleeve for me to discover along the journey is my ideal partner ;)

In a close second is realism. I mean, yeah, I write loads about magic and made up creatures, but magic isn't an excuse to ignore logic. If characters don't act the way I'd expect real live people to act, or if basic research isn't put into the time period/culture/weaponry/etc, I will lose interest very quickly.

If I'm not replying...
My biggest weakness as a roleplayer is that I'm slow. I just.... am. Why this is, I have a few guesses. I'm distractible, for one. And I'm indecisive, which can be a problem when I'm struggling between two or more different routes for a character or story to take. I'm often busy with university work, too. I feel I have to admit to being slow up front, because it will undoubtably come up at some point with anyone who plays with me. If you feel like I've been taking way too long to get back to you, please don't feel afraid to ask me what the deal is, I probably just got distracted and forgot!

I'm always interested in trying out new stories. Please send me a message if you want to talk, play, or ask anything. See ya around, suckers.

Rave Reviews

  • Though I haven't been rping for long with Allyne, so far I have been massively enjoying the rp between our characters. I love the mystery that lays between our characters and how each have their own secrets that they're reluctant to speak about. Allyne also has a...
    -- InquisitorCat
  • I just met Allyne today, and I do have to say that she's got some really cool characters! Her profiles are set up in an easy to read and organized way. In addition to having cool characters, she's a really talented artist too! Anybody that gets a chance to RP with Allyne is definitely pretty lucky!
    -- Loki

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